Mommy, I met Nardong Tae yesterday..

by - February 28, 2009

Some time ago, I’ve started hearing stuff about Nardong Tae, a Filipino Indie comic book, and an urge of wanting to grab a hold of a copy of this started to develop inside me. Unfortunately, am not really that resourceful of a person so I have no idea where to get one and I’ve heard that there were only a few copies of this comic book.

But there are just times that I am being showered with blessings.

Just a few days ago, together with some of my blockmates, we happened to drop by Sputnik in Cubao Expo, and there, both my comics-expert blockmate [shall I name you?] and I was blessed with the sight of the photocopied cover of Nardong Tae. And I guess really blessed coz there were only three copies there [or maybe there were more. I don’t’ know.].

Anyway, the whole point of the story was that I already have one.

Though the author was not mentioned in the comic book, through the help of one of my very awesome blockmate, I was able to find out that it was created by Louie Cordero.

Basically, Nardong Tae is about a boy named Bornek who owns a carabao named Baldo and also loves watching Nardong Putik at the house of their neighbor. Then this extraterrestrial being from an extraterrestrial planet egested all the stuff that can be egested from his body and it all flew towards planet earth in the form of a comet, and it unfortunately (or fortunately) directly hit Bornek. In the end, Bornek became feces in human form and was labeled as Public Enemy No. 1.

And yes, the whole comic book is supposed to be gross, and indeed, it is gross, but indeed funny too. While reading it, one can’t help but feel grossed but definitely cannot help but laugh hard at the same time. It is tremendously direct to the point and totally vulgar but all of it is worth the reading when you laugh already.

Here are some of the panels that best illustrate how superb it is in allowing one to laugh out loud.

The cover of Nardong Tae

In conclusion, this comic book is one of those that totally made me laugh.


That’s all.

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  1. pwede ko bang bilhin yung copy mo ng comic book na 'to? please!?

    Punta, Sta. Ana, Mla.

  2. hahaha... i once heard this comicbook in CCCom.... cover pa lang pamatay na ^_^