Kei turns to Ryuu

by - March 26, 2009

I think it is somehow a bit of a deviation that am gonna write something about a manga, for recently what I’ve just been sharing about are either Filipino or Western comics, but right now, am gonna talk about something, which I can say that people would really say, a lot closer to me.

And why am I gonna do that right now?
No, no, am not gonna make a summary or whatever intense review for it. I just have to comment on one particular observation that I have made [for it involves my favorite character in it.. teehee..].

So for this particular blog, it’s all about Special A by Minami Maki.

What I just have to comment on is the relationship between Takishima Kei and Tsuji Ryuu.

It seems that out of the entire SA (Special A students), it is Ryuu whom Kei is able to relate some of his personal ideas [or personal problems or issues], or should I say, it is Ryuu who has this enough friendly concern on Kei’s potential problematic issues [scratch Hikari’s clueless and dumb worries ].

I have proof!


From chapter 65, when Ryuu and Kei got into bad terms with each other because of a misunderstanding. Ryuu was concerned of whether Kei was two-timing Hikari for he had seen him hanging out with Alisa for three times already.

[And I love this panel for this is the panel in the whole manga series that shows Tsuji Ryuu at his cutest form. It’s like he suddenly has a different but very attractive [no.. scratch that.. MEGA-ULTRA-SUPER-ATTRACTIVE] aura. Probably it’s his eyes.]

From chapter 87.5, the fantasy dream of Kei.

From chapter 90, when Kei is troubled by his jealousy over Tokiwa.

So there.

Haaaaa.. Tsuji Ryuu.

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  1. hi!! i was just looking for some pictures of SA when i found your review/summary, i had never really noticed this but now that i read, yeah its actually true