The Umbrella Academy in A PERFECT LIFE

by - March 25, 2009


Am really happy that because all my finals are finished, am finally able to read the fourth issue of the Dallas story of The Umbrella Academy, but I think am starting to have problems in understanding the plot. Bit by bit it is getting twisted already, and I sort of find it hard now to follow it, especially if I still don’t have at hand a copy of the next issue.

But am really glad to read up on The Umbrella Academy again.
This comic series is what I can say part of my favorites already.

There’s just an insight that I have to allow to escape from my mind.

Since recently I have read and watched Watchmen [all due to a philosophy paper], then today I read the fourth issue of the Dallas story, I was somehow astonished with the fact of John F. Kennedy’s assassination being a real hit in America [probably its impact is sort of the same as the assassination of Ninoy Aquino in the Philippines], for I have read two comics incorporating the incident of John F. Kennedy’s assassination [probably there were a lot more].

I know am a parasitic person that I have to depend on my blockmate to squeeze the next issues of comics from him.

I just have to find out what’s next..
what will happen when Scott finally meets Gideon [Scott Pilgrim] and whatever happened to the waiter who helped Klaus, or if Rumor and Number Five are twins..

or is there a comic book incorporating Ninoy’s assassination? Shall I create one? o_+

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