The Umbrella Academy

by - March 08, 2009

I have been introduced to another comic series to love, which is why I would not let this chance to talk about it just slip by. Anyway, I think I still have very few time to spare before starting on school stuff again.

The Umbrella Academy, a creation of Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba, is what I am talkin’ about.

The story is about seven [alien] children [but have human biological mothers] gathered and adopted by a world-renowned scientist and entrepreneur [and is also an alien], Sir Reginald Hargreeves, or also known as The Monocle. He raised them in a way that they would form a team of superheroes, to save the world, but save from what?

If the plot sounded too typical the way I have described it, too bad, the problem’s just with me, for I really do not view it as a very typical superhero-saving-the-world-thing. The way I see it, it’s not really focused on the issue of being superheroes and saving the world, but more on the conflicts and the development of the relationships within the family. Their job and responsibility to the world only serves as a foil to reveal the mystery clothing them.

Here’s a quick peek at the major characters of the story:

I don’t think he was given a human name.

As for Vanya, I did not like the appeal of the very fast development of her character. The pacing was too fast to digest. The way her character turned out was plausible and interesting but it could have been a lot better if it was not rushed. It’s like, “whoa! I haven’t completely digested it yet."

What am I talking about?

And here’s one of the things am lookin’ forward to:
the development of the relationship between Vanya and Diego.

I like the title of this issue. It really sounds good.

I also love to quote this:

“I used to think I had a family… but I have nobody.” | Vanya Hargreeves [00.07]

Hail to the cover artist also, James Jean.

I also love this.

So there, still waiting to have a copy of the next issue.

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