Who is Scott Pilgrim?

by - March 04, 2009

Finally, I was able to catch up to the fifth volume of Scott Pilgrim.

It’s funny how I get accesses to these comics. But it’s fun, and I am thankful that I get to be exposed with these kinds of comics [and what I mean is western comics] and have a sort of little breathe away from my usual anime and manga stuff. And yah, I admit, their orientations have this wide range of difference, but am not really that culturally shocked or whatever coz I know the west have that kind of cultural [or should I say environmental?] orientation. I mean, one would obviously be aware that these two have different auras.

And am not trying to stereotype here [sorry if it sort of sounded that way].

Anyway, back to Scott Pilgrim.

By the way, Scott Pilgrim is a creation of Bryan Lee O’Malley. And what’s the story behind all the creation and stuff, sorry, I cannot provide you with that for I don’t really like lookin’ beyond the product itself. I think I am the kind that is usually interested with just the creation itself.

So a quick sneak peak for those who have no idea.

Scott Pilgrim is about a 23-year-old guy named… uhh… Scott Pilgrim… I guess? And he basically has to fight the seven evil ex-boyfriends of Ramona Flowers to continue dating her.

That’s it.

And though it has a practically mature aura for me [which may probably may not be the same for a lot, especially those who are already super used with these kinds of stuff], I like it. It’s fine with me. I like that it is able to keep me anticipated for what is next to happen. And that’s what I want when reading something, to be able to keep me hanging on with the story. And now as a segue, am already excited for the next volume. And I have no idea when it’s gonna be out. Just have to wait for an announcement from my very good comics-expert blockmate who is the one introducing me to the world of comics. And honestly, I am thankful that he is introducing me into his world. Yey!

And what encouraged me to read it immediately, despite the fact that I was supposed to be doing my final projects [haha..] and the fact that I do not usually indulge with the stuff right after getting a copy of it [it takes me sometime before I start reading or watching something], is the art style. I found it cool and not so conventional. And I like it; though it sort of reminds me of the art style of one of my watchers in DA. Still, it’s not your everyday comic style. I think.

And if you have no idea what Scott Pilgrim looks like, just take a look at the image below this line.

Here are also some nice panels I like to share, that is, only if you are willing to be spoiled. But I suggest not looking at them if you would not want to.

This is my ultra-favorite of all.

I sort of feel sorry for Scott here. *sniff sniff*

And yey, am starting to like Kim Pine, or maybe what I mean is that I already like her, or that am starting to like her more, or whatever. Scratch that.

And it’s sort of hard for me to distinguish sometimes who’s Scott and who’s Young Neil especially when they are put together.

Even Knives Chau confirms it.

And it was only in volume three that I realized that Stacey is younger than Scott. o_+

This panel is a total kvshfewkf38jwplgnfnvme for me. Okay, backstreet boys. o_+

Anyway, so much for this [why am I even doing this? I can’t believe I started doing this. *evil look at Ikabod*].

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  1. FYI - Young Neil's real life character is jon hawkes, a local toronto musician

  2. All I can say is that scott pilgrim vs. the world is one of the best comics ever made. Thank You Bryan Lee O’Malley for making it you are a genius.

  3. i concur entirety thank you for the wonderful blessing known as young neil for one day i intend to have his children

  4. I gotta buy these books, I think a local media store still has them in stock...