The Wolves in the Walls

by - March 13, 2009

So this was one of the days am hangin’ out in the lounge, and as always, there were a bunch of comics and illustrated books lying everywhere, and a bigger-than-regular-size story book was lying in front of me, seeming that it knew that I won’t be able to resist reading it.

I tried to.

But I also ended up reading it.


So this story book am talkin’ about is Neil Gaiman’s The Wolves in the Walls, illustrated by Dave McKean. If I remember it correctly, he is also the illustrator for Gaiman’s Coraline.

And the reason why I cannot resist it was the art itself.
Take a look.

The plot is about a young girl named Lucy who started hearing noises from within the walls of their house and she keeps on telling her family that there are wolves within their walls; however, her family keeps rebutting her argument, saying that it’s either just mice, rats, or bats, and that it cannot be wolves for if it were wolves and they come out, it’ll be all over.

And the conversation they had that I liked the most was when Lucy’s mother first told her that it’ll all be over, Lucy asked what’ll be over, and her mother answered, “It.”

I like this dialogue for it reminds me of one of our class discussions in philosophy, wherein our teacher asked us what is the “it” in the sentence “It is raining,” and no one could answer it.

The way the plot’s resolution was delivered was, for me, very awesome, also the way it was concluded, which was very similar with the resolution.

The illustrations are really good; though too bad I cannot describe or review them [even though am an art student.. FAIL!] coz my descriptions might totally not suffice. All I can just say is that, it’s incredible.

So there, a story book for today.

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