Goodbye S.A

by - May 01, 2009

Today I arrived again at a moment that somehow creates a sting in my cardiac muscle. This usually happens after I’ve finished watching a certain series of anime. Knowing that it is the end already and there is nothing more to come, the feeling is a mixture of sadness and satisfaction. Sadness because the story has ended already; I will not be able to go with its journey anymore. Satisfaction because fulfillment has been achieved.

No. To be honest, it is sort of impossible for me to explain this kind of feeling in words. I am not very good in words and that is one of the sad parts. But as Chuang Tzu has said, “Kapag nasabi na ang lahat ng masasabi, ang pinakahalaga ay hindi masasabi. Magagawa lamang.” [Thank you very much for PH101 and PH102.]

However, for this time, I am not having this feeling because an anime series has ended. For this time, I am having this feeling because a manga series that I have been faithfully following has already come to an end.

Minami Maki, the creator of Special A, or better known as S.A, has finally decided to put an end to this series. With 99 chapters uploaded in and a remark “Completed” beside it, I knew that even before I would click the link, I will be brought once again to this kind of point.

I already know, way before in February, that S.A will be finished by March in Japan; however, I am just simply not aware of the reason why I am blessed with such patience that I can really wait for Scanlations to be uploaded months after. Probably, an actual experience is still the best. And the point of this paragraph, I wonder, is simply to explain why it is only now that I am reacting to this incident.

I do think I am dropping words and thoughts randomly now. The 3.5 pound, jelly organ residing up in my cranium cannot think of a way to organize its master’s thoughts.

Commercial finished. Back to S.A.

S.A, though it is only a manga series, has the right to be proud of having an impact in my life. Very good and fun [well, there are also not so good] memories are created all because of S.A. It jumped from the pages in the internet into the reality [probably not reality] I am living in.

I think it is the first shoujo manga I have ever read in my life, and played a major role in having me realized that I do have “fangirl” abilities. [I really cannot believe that I am able to accept that I am fangirling. Sigh.]

S.A also became a bridge for me to enter in a wild and fun adventure with friends I never thought I would be able to experience with these kinds of stuff. Yes, yes, my first ever group cosplay is Special A, and the experience we had as we walked through the tiles of Megamall was fulfilling for I never thought a lot of people already has knowledge about Special A. It only started with Kassandra recommending me to read S.A in RSF to kill time, and now people were excited having to see the whole cast complete and alive right before their eyes [and cameras as well].

Tsuji Ryuu [yes, someone I am obliged not to forget about] has also done his part very well for keeping me tuned in to S.A. He is now part of all the characters that I would always adore. He keeps me alive in times that I do get bored of the development in the relationship between Kei and Hikari. And I really love how Minami Maki has finally noticed that he has created a character named Tsuji Ryuu. My experience in reading the manga has been completed.

Honestly, I haven’t really watched the anime yet. I do get some spills of it whenever I drop by chance in TV5, but it is always about to end. Well, I do remember watching a complete episode, the one when Yamamoto Jun turns into inner Jun and he kisses Takishima Kei. I just love that scence [No! Definitely I am not a yaoi fan but I just cannot understand why I love that scene so much]. I have already downloaded the complete episodes of the anime series, all saved in my external hard drive, it is just that I have no time to watch it [these past weeks, am not able to watch any anime series. Too sad].

I am being warned by my senses that this entry is getting long already, and despite that fact, it is still much unorganized. And another not so good thing is about to happen, it will not be organized anymore. So feel free to get dizzy and experience nausea.

Parting words. Probably. Because I am hungry already. Or simply running out of sensible things to say [Wait. Is anything sensible here?]

I do will miss S.A.

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  1. I super like it,,,,I'm a big fan of SA,,it seems that you are the same with me as well,, i like your photo-shots,u somehow are similar with the characters in the Anime. I've been planning to blog SA too but I will publish it later,, I'm still new in this blogging thing and been planning what I will blog,,, THumbs up to this post!!

  2. Hey Daven! Thanks a lot! Glad you like it. It's so nice to read comments such as yours. Thanks again and good luck with the blogging! :)

  3. such a goood thing cute pictures

  4. I really love special a..
    Dahil sa special A naadik ako sa mga anime.
    Ang dmi ko ng napanood na anime and I really love it so much. My favorite part in special A is when kei shows his love to hikari but hikari doesn't even notice it. haha. I love your blog! keep up..

  5. Thanks dear! :) S.A is love. XD

  6. mhay a.k.a hikariMarch 19, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    s.a change my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    nakakarelate ung story,,,,,,,,,
    i really love s,a
    specially to kei and hikari