I seldom dream; nevertheless, The Sandman keeps on visiting me.

by - May 09, 2009

After months of prolonging of reaching my goal of finishing reading The Sandman by Neil Gaiman and [cannot really specify an artist for it changes every time], I am brought once again to the state of uneasiness which most often results from having known something to have finally come to an end.

Recovering from this state may not really take a while, but it really haunts me at its climax. Just when I have recovered from the farewell of Special A, something new immediately presented itself to prick each soft tissue composing my cardiac muscle and drives my squishy organ up in my skull unstable, but I definitely know that in a few days time, or hours, it will pass, but as I have just recently stated, it definitely haunts me at its climax.

I know there are tons of things that I want to discuss with regards this comic series; however, it is also clear to me that I would not have a very great idea of how to organize this, or how to start it, or in the end, I may not really be able to talk about the things I would want to drop off in this entry. Probably, if things strike me again, there may be additional entries, but I doubt if they’ll be enough. In the end, it might just haunt me every time my dear parasitic organ taking refuge in my skull decided to remember them, and worse, blaming me for not being efficient enough to let them escape.

Brain talking to Master: Your thoughts are all cramming up here in my body!!

The idea of starting to read The Sandman occurred to me when I was presented with drawings of Dream and got attracted to his physique. Afterwards, I found myself downloading the comic series; thus, the beginning of my journey in the realms of The Endless.

Gaiman has presented a lot of characters, and I do mean a lot, that some of them, at first, one would think very irrelevant. Sometimes the idea of these characters being created just to clump one’s brain with tons of details and torture him with the task of remembering each one of them is very plausible to sink in a reader’s mind. In addition, as one continuously reads the series, it is also inevitable to perceive that the story keeps on jumping to different plots. However, what I found wonderful about this comic series is that despite of that bunch of characters, which one might think dispensable, and those jumping plots is that they all are necessary and connected to one another. After being presented with those seemingly disjointed scenarios, it definitely would stun and amaze a reader upon discovering the connections of all those chapters, which most often than not would turn out to appreciate with greater depth the whole comic series.

I come to adore Dream, which was fortunately [or unfortunately] the reason why I started to indulge myself with this comic series. As I have already said, his physique is what first caught my attention. The bluish-black aura clothing him releases a certain atmosphere that makes one to know more about him. In addition, it is his eyes that intrigue me the most. I have always wanted to see his eyes; however, every time he would turn around and make his face revealed, tiny sparkles of light would always fill his eye area, which deepens of great magnitude his mysterious character, which makes me long more of seeing them. Indeed, he is mysterious, which is why I believe one would want to keep on knowing more about him.

Personally, I do think Dream is hot. When I told my sister about this she thinks it is weird [Well, what more can people expect from me? They all have already labeled me with the adjective “weird”, and I came to accept it already.]. However, I will remain strong with this view of mine. If one would examine, a lot of female characters in the story are also not successful in resisting his charm. They would, in one way or another, fall for him. Too bad, not even one received a happy ending.

This previous paragraph now takes me to one thought that I have been deeply pondering about when I was still reading The Sandman. There is this chapter where the Dreaming is continuously experiencing a gloomy weather; there is a non-stop raining, which is already turning into a flood, almost filling up each house in the Dreaming, and the simple explanation behind this is that the Lord of the Dreaming is undergoing a very depressing situation. The lady whom he has fallen in love with [again, and is the last one to be mentioned in the series], has decided to leave him once again. What frustrated me while reading this chapter is that it has never been revealed in that chapter or the following chapters who that woman who broke his heart is. However, Gaiman did not allow me to be wholly frustrated about this matter. In the last volume of The Sandman [which is numbers of chapters away from this one], there he revealed who that woman Dream has fallen in love with and broke his heart [I do believe I have the right conclusion. If I am wrong, trouble will once again visit my mind.]. It turned out to be Larissa, the witch who previously helped Barbie in her quest against the cuckoo and also the one who protected Lyta Hall from being harmed by Dream. With that, one troubled thought in my mind has finally come to a rest.

Aside from Dream, I do also like very much Death, his older sister. It is not just because she is a goth chic, well, probably, also because she is a goth chic, but more rather because she is just too pretty, or maybe just like Brant Tucker, I fell in love with her at first sight.

Death is very caring to her brother, Dream, and seeing the flow of relationship between them is very heart-warming to look at. Of all The Endless, it is Death whom Dream is closest with, and the one he turns to when he is in need of company, and Dream do behave well in front of Death, just like a good little boy with his older sister. Sometimes, I do wish for them to be always together, though there are only few situations where the comic series has presented them having conversations together, but in each panel they are presented conversing with one another, it all seemed very rich and fulfilling.

One other character that I notice and took a likening to is Matthew, Dream’s raven. He used to be a man living in the waking world but decided to be a raven and serve under the Dream Lord. His actions turn out to be funny, all of these, I can see, as a result from him being born a human first. But the one thing that I loved the most about him is his loyalty to Dream; he does adore him very much and even sees him sometimes as a friend.

Talking about Matthew’s heart-touching dedication to his master, I am brought to remember another heart-piercing scenario, and this is all about Nuala, the gift presented from the land of Faerie when Dream held an event where he would choose to whom shall he give the key to the gates of Hell. The panel on the right has made me feel very sorry for Nuala. It is when Matthew came to the castle in the Dreaming, looking for the Dream Lord, and there he found Nuala in the throne room tidying things up. Then Matthew asked him if the Dream Lord asked him to do those, and her reply is seen in this panel.

Nuala is longing to be asked by the Dream Lord, but the sad thing is, Dream has never asked her of anything, and that is painful because it sort of implies that her presence is not really important in the castle. Unlike Dream’s other servants, he literally does not give tasks for Nuala.

The following panels about Nuala and Dream are also heart-breaking.

I have been wondering for years already why the sand is always being associated with dreams. Not only here in The Sandman, but there are also others, such as the children’s show Nilus the Sandman. I have not been presented yet with the explanation behind this, and it would be a great relief if one day, I would find the answer for this question.

I guess it is time to give this entry a rest. I know there are still things I would like to share about this, but I think they’ll just have to fill in the additional entries. I cannot handle all of them as of now. My brain is already forcing itself to break so that it can stop me.

The Sandman gave me a good reading.

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  1. was searching around for some Sandman pictures around the web and stumbled on your blog entry. Great write up on Sandman!