Skyworld: Apocrypha, by Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio

by - May 18, 2009

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For the recently held Komikon 2009 in UP Bahay ng Alumni last 16 May 2009, I gravely felt the rapid flow of money out of my wallet, and comics with wonderful covers that were able to catch my attention were most often than not were the ones successful in doing the trick. One of them was Skyworld: Apocrypha, created by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria.

The plot is that of the usual ones of today’s emerging local comics, that is, having to do with Philippine mythology, but do not get me wrong; I found the crafting of the plot of Skyworld a good one. There are only few dialogues and the story is formed mostly with just simple but creative lines of narration; however, the organization and delivery are impressing leaving the reader with satisfaction [well, that is for my case].

The plot follows the journey of a tikbalang named Makabo in fulfilling his task of avenging his father, the king of their race, against an asuang named Rianka, who is also responsible for the fall of one of the gods called Kaptan, whom Makabo also seeks in his voyage.

I know that I have given this particular comic book some praise, but in every good thing, yes, we have to admit, that alongside them are their counterparts, the negative ones.

As I was reading the comic book, I cannot help but feel disturbed, and I mean honestly disturbed, and it was all because of the way the character of Kaptan was delivered. The approach of presenting his character was too powerful that it was almost comparable to the traits of our real God, the One and only God. Though I know that everything inside the story was fictional, for me it still gave a blasphemous impression. I did not see the character of Kaptan to be presented in a manner like the other gods in our folk tales, and it occurred to me [though I know everything was fictional] that the creation of the character Kaptan was dangerous. As I held the comic book in my two hands and flipped the pages as I read through it, I was simultaneously pondering if I should continue in doing so.

Sigh. This comic book could have totally been a good shot on me if not just because of this.

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  1. may picture ka ba ni mervin ignacio? kasi kapangalan siya ng kaklase ko nung grade school eh O.O
    - denise

  2. This is awesome! thanks so much :) --ian sta.maria