thoughts for this Cyberzone Cosplay Tour

by - May 02, 2009

Today I ended my day outside by dropping by the Cyberzone Cosplay Tour in SM Marikina. Without any idea in my mind of how the whole thing will be done, I arrived at the place at around 5pm and finally a rendezvous was fulfilled. Together with Jj and her brother and her brother’s friend, we tried to circle around the place for quite a time.

The event is not really satisfying. This is the first thing that I can say.

It was not really a miss for me for not being able to witness the start of the catwalk proper and finishing the show. Honestly, I did not bother much about the catwalk [which is weird, because I always look forward for the catwalk]. I think the wind of boredom quickly blew at my direction or it was probably just that it did not amuse me right from the point that I got there.

One of the primary reasons for me wanting to go in a convention is to take photos. For this time, however, I did not feel like taking many shots, which was the basic explanation why I only got very few photos. One major factor probably was the atmosphere itself. Not very encouraging to bring out a camera and take shots of cosplayers or other cool stuff, even though I wanted to take shots of some cool costumes there. I guess the drive was overwritten by a greater force, which was, unfortunately, a negative one.

One thing I need to take note of right away before I even forget to write about it is on a particular cosplayer who pronounced Tsunade as CHUnade (with a hard CHU). I don’t know, am sorry, but I just cannot help but criticize it. It’s T-SU, not CHU.

Not saying that it was 100% disappointing. Somehow, with some few points, little satisfaction was met, and my top one reason for this was that finally, was able to see someone cosplaying from Darker than Black, and he even cosplayed Hei, the character that I most wanted to see.

One of the cool ones I saw is the one in the photo below. Have no idea of what character he is portraying but he definitely reminds me of Archer from Fate Stay Night [and I love Archer]. The hair and costume is really similar [Jj also agreed with me on this one], but somehow I guess it is just the hair that is sort of a bad shot. I think it would turn out better if he opted not to use rubber foam.

But I do like his pose in this one.

The person below, I think she is not really portraying a specific character but I would give her a thumbs up for successfully catching my attention. She has a very cute face and I think the kimono suits her well.

The next one, I think she is really adorable, and I have been constantly thinking about from where is this character from. I think am familiar with it but also not. Nevertheless, she is still adorable.

Below is the last cosplayer I took a shot of, and I told myself that I really have to take his photo. Not because I find him cool or that I like the character he is portraying. Honestly, I also have no idea what character he is portraying this time, Jj just told me he is doing the one from God Save Our King [unfortunately, still haven’t watched that until now after many attempts of putting it in my watch list]. The reason that I am fond of taking his photo is that he is the one who also cosplayed Luffy in Hataw Hanep Hero last November 2008, and probably that is my problem, I guess, no matter how bad the character is being portrayed, if I see a person do the character that I want to see being cosplayed, the result would be that I would get up all giddy and take that shot no matter what. Of course, it would be a lot nicer if the portrayal is good. Therefore, I think, I would always be familiar with his face just because he did Luffy.

And let us end the day by witnessing a potential crime scene in the event.

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