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by - August 12, 2009

“Nothing is more difficult, and more precious, than to be able to decide.”
~Napoleon Bonaparte

This is the opening line of the comics “GAMESCAPE” by Butch Mapa (words and pictures) and Wilson dela Fuente (letters), the first story in the compilation Con+Sequence No.1, August 2009, published by Bad-S Studios.

Gamescape is a 13-page comics about a small group of people that’s left of an army. The soldiers are thrown into confusion one day upon finding their warren, which they call prison, in shambles. A new goal has now been set for them: to head for the Edge and escape that world of endless wars controlled by The Hand.

Upon my initial turn to the first spread, I thought I might not enjoy reading this story because I was faced with a military-oriented scenario, which I believe is a frustration for a person who’s clueless with regards to battle terminologies and strategies, just like me; so I assumed that, once again, I would be flipping through the pages of a comic book which I cannot fully grasp its concept. However, this did not happen.

I am sharing about Gamescape to say that it really is able to fascinate me. Though it only has a very brief plot, it is cleverly written. Probably one of the best examples in giving emphasis to the value of the unexpected, and which I can personally say a real must read.

The following three paragraphs would be about the conclusion of the story, so if you would not want to be spoiled so as to savor the actual experience of reading the comics, skip them.

It turns out that the whole endless war is a chess game and the soldiers are the chess pieces. The characters have described the circumstance to be endless for in every start of another game, they have to battle with the white army (the protagonists are that of the black chess pieces). After one of the kings has been defeated, they will shut down and will just resume again if there’s another match to be held. The Hand which the soldiers refer to in the story is the hand of the human being playing chess.

Now what is this thing that they call Edge? The Edge is the slight opening of the chessboard, a portal for the chess pieces to roll out and give humans a difficult time in gathering and picking up all of them and then keeping them safe back in the chessboard.

To be able to decide for themselves, not being controlled by The Hand, who would have thought that chess pieces can have strategic plans in rolling out of the chessboard?

Butch did.


[Butch Mapa (left) and Jason Paz (right)]

I found Butch Mapa to be a funny person.

And even funnier upon reading his dedication.

The following is the line of characters [in case one wants to know].

Yes. There's a cat.

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