Skyworld: Prodigal, by Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio

by - April 25, 2010

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Just about a week ago, I dropped by the Summer Komikon in UP Bahay ng Alumni and grabbed a copy of some Filipino indie comics, and the number one in my list was the 12-page prologue of the third book of Skyworld, Prodigal, a comic series created by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria.

I remember the first time I was leafing through the pages of the first book, Apocrypha, and felt an intense form of power voicing out from it, which then made me feel a bit of fear, but at the same time, I could not help but admire how marvelously created the plot was; how it was meticulously ‘storytold’ by Mervin Ignacio; how it was intricately portrayed through the drawings of Ian Sta. Maria.

Skyworld has been one of the Filipino comic series I’ve been excitingly and enjoyably following. I remember the time when I could not really make it to the Komikon held last November 2009, I actually asked someone and persuaded him to keep on looking and buy for me a copy of the second book, Testament, which he fortunately and successfully did.

I was joyful.

And now that I have a copy of the prologue of the third book, I once again felt the same intense of power and the fear I had when I was reading the first book.

The character of Kaptan is truly veiled with such strong intensity of boldness, and I admire how Mervin Ignacio created him; he, too, has the same boldness that his character Kaptan has. Not fearing to give Kaptan the full qualities of a god, not minimizing his character traits so as to avoid issues, Mervin Ignacio courageously paralleled him with the living God we know of, and I absolutely admire him for doing that.

I finally got to meet the creators and personally got an autograph from them. It feels good watching comic artists write your name and their dedication on a copy of their work that you own.

I briefly browsed through the gallery of Ian Sta. Maria in and found some interesting new characters, and I do think that the third book will be something extravagantly great to look forward to, and I am definitely looking forward to the release of the complete version of the Prodigal.

I am glad that I took that chance in Summer Komikon 2009 to spend my last 100-peso bill for a comic book whose cover had distinctively caught my attention. I never regretted the loss of that 100-peso bill.

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  1. Hey guys... curious tuloy ako anu tong skyworld.. ok Filipino comics sya pero hindi sya sikat... pero mukhang intersante kase fan talaga ako ng anime at kulturang pilipino.

    Pasensya na kayo sa ka ignorantehan ko.. =D

  2. Kim Ian Tumblod.... Filipino adventure mythology style sya.... maganda sya grab a copy now! alam ko meron pa nito sa Robinson's Galleria comic odyssey... 3 books to... bili ka na... you'll never regret reading this book... And also try TRESE my favorite Filipino graphic novel.... ^_^

  3. Hey,.. naku 1 year bago ko nakita ang reply mo, huhu..anyway thank you,..bibili ako ng mga to on my way to work =)