Working Girl by Czari Flores

by - April 25, 2010

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Once again, I absent-mindedly kept on buying Filipino indie comics during the Summer Komikon held last 17 April 2010 in UP Bahay ng Alumni, and one of the last titles I bought, wait, it was the last title I bought, was the Working Girl by Czarina “Czari” Flores, and I think it was worth it.

The comics is just simple, art style-wise or plot-wise, but it definitely is enjoyable to read. Its little humors worked well and I think it suited the art style.

Working Girl is about an unnamed girl [but I absolutely think it is the creator herself] who likes to cry when in panic but sweetly and cheerfully smiles upon arriving at a resolution to her problem, and shows episodic scenes from her work life.

She cries when she cannot find her pencils, but joyfully smiles upon seeing them in her drawers.
She cries when she cannot find her way to their office, but enthusiastically wave at her officemates upon seeing them.
I just find her really cute that way.

Also, I love this particular page [shown above] which shows the places she hopped in to search for her pencils. I love the “other sister’s room” and “other brother’s room”. It reminds me of Other Scott from the Canadian comic series Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley [Now, I am giddy again for the upcoming Scott Pilgrim movie].

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  1. Hi!!!!! This is me Czari Flores. Thank you so much for writing about my comic. I miss it so much! I don't have any copies of it anymore =( No hard copies or soft copies. Can you email me scans of it? Would appreciate it. ^______^

    1. Hi there! Sure. :) Will take time to scan it. How do I email it back to you? :)