Last Game by Amano Shinobu

by - February 14, 2012

Today I started reading a new manga series, which was rare for me to do since these past two or three years. It’s called “Last Game” by Amano Shinobu, and it’s still fairly new as it only has five chapters so far. Here’s the story on how I stumbled upon it: I saw someone posted a link of it on facebook and gave the description “Reversed Special A”. Now if you’re relatively close to me during college days, you would know that Special A has a big place in my heart, so I got intrigued and checked it out, and it turned out to be interesting and something to look forward to.

I never thought that I would start jumping on a new manga series with a romance/shoujo-ish genre on my own. Usually, I get involved with romance and shoujo mangas through friends who drag me to it. The genres that I jump on myself usually fall under the shounen and adventure ones. But hey, someone did trigger me to check it out after all. Haha.. and I got hooked.

Just like in Special A, the story revolves around a guy named Yanagi Hisato who wants to finally end with victory his 10-year rivalry with a girl named Kujou Mikoto, or to be specific, he wanted to win over her even for once; thus, after ten years of struggling to defeat her, he proposed the last game. If you’re the type who’s addicted to the shoujo/school life/romantic setting, you’ll get hooked to it.
Primary School Middle School
High School University

The first five chapters are able to cover their life from primary school up to university days. The real thrill begins in their twenties, being in their sophomore years in college. One could say that Kujou Mikoto can be compared to Hanazono Hikari (Special A) in terms of how dense they both are to the feelings of the other person. But I feel that Yanagi Hisato is in a worse situation than Takishima Kei (Special A). Oh well, more chapters to look forward to.

Gaaah.. am missing Special A.
Kujou Mikoto and Yanagi Hisato (Middle School)

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