Oh these little hands used to create a lot.

by - February 08, 2012

These past two days had been productive; got a chance to bring out my sewing machine from its box and do some work. I started with making some repairs to my clothes such as turning my oversized shirts into smaller ones. Hadn't finished all of them, but hopefully will do within this week, coz I wanted to start again with something creative.

Yesterday, I unearthed my box of memorabilia from friends and people during college years. Read a couple of letters, reminisced, laughed, and missed them. I have such good friends in college (and even back in elementary and high school), and now one by one, they have their own lives. It's scary how we'll slowly grow apart.

I missed writing letters and creating different craft thingamabobs for friends. I used to do that a lot since elementary up to second year college. What happened? The computer age boomed.

Now, I want to write sincere letters again for my friends, tell them how I really feel and am thankful for them. I also want to create craftsy fartsy things again that I can give away, that is why I want to finish repairing my clothes as soon as possible.

I will create something fantastic again. It's time to be the crafting little girl once more. Toodles! :)

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