Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Sa Kalakhang Maynila

by - April 02, 2012

I started spending on comics again and the most recent that I bought was Carlo Vergara’s “Zsazsa Zaturnnah: Sa Kalakhang Maynila” part one of three, sequel to his “Ang Kagila-gilalas na Pakikipagsapalaran ni Zsazsa Zaturnnah”.

Ada, the protagonist, has moved to Manila with Dodong to take a gamble on his career. We wouldn’t find Didi here anymore but we are introduced to another friend of Ada to serve as his foil, Gwyneth, in whom we are presented with a character that has a strong personality that is explicitly exemplified to Ada in order to give her guidance and help in her decision-makings to bring about certain epiphanies within her.

The extraterrestrial Amazonistas are out of the picture but another enemy has made its move; therefore, Ada’s adventure as the superhero Zaturnnah has started once again, with the enormous Zaturnnah stone “dropping” its way back to Ada. Ada’s singing voice is like a magnetic force that makes the stone gravitate towards her.

With the introduction of a new enemy comes the introduction of a new ally, another superhero that goes by the alias Ginoong Lakas, your typical superhero in a fitted spandex suit plus the cape minus the briefs on top, and he is bald.

The major conflict is connected with the drastic downfall of a certain TV station, XBTV-3. Characters such as Ben Bolroco, who is initially introduced at the end of the first novel, will now be playing significant roles in “Sa Kalakhang Maynila” which I believe will be expounded on the succeeding issues.

Oh, and yes, another conflict is the battle of emotions within Ada regarding Dodong’s blatant expression of his feelings for Ada. It is not an everyday scenario where a straight guy falls for a gay person, and Ada has been turning down Dodong because of his experience from past failed relationships.

An example of a cheesy/heartbreaker line of Ada for Dodong:
“Kung hindi tayo nagkakilala, meron ka ring makikilala.”

Here’s another scene of a conversation between Ada and Dodong that is supposed to be a heartbreaking scenario, but I laughed.

Oh, and for my gay friends.

A word of advice from Gwyneth (which also gave me a bit of an epiphany.. haha):
“Gusto mo ba siya talaga, o gusto mo lang ba ang ideyang nandiyan siya?”
(See? I also learn something from reading comics. Teehee.)

Indeed, this graphic novel transparently uses a lot of hardcore vulgar words, a material for mature readers. I’ve also encountered a similar one, “Nardong Tae” by Louie Cordero, which I really enjoyed a lot, though it is undeniably gross.

Though Zsazsa Zaturnnah lacks the wholesome package, there are things that made me smile with this second novel. One of which is the pseudo price on the cover: 500 PESOS ECHOS LANG. I had a big smile while I was in the bookstore.

Another one is the featuring of some local komiks in a certain panel.

Now I am sure that I’ll look forward to the release of part two and three of this sequel.

I am not a comic book geek but I do enjoy patronizing and reading some local komiks just like me not exactly being a musically inclined person but enjoys listening to OPM the most.

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