Fully Booked Free Comic Book Day

by - May 27, 2012

Free Comic Book Day.

I always hear of this event, but my first time to actually participate in one was last 19 May 2012 at Fully Booked, Bonifacio High Street. Clueless of how it works, good thing I had dear Gheck with me.

So yah, I think we arrived at around 10-something and there was a line outside the store. Little did we know that the line stretched as far as spirals inside, but the chikahan moment with Gheck while in line was fun.

There were Justice League cosplayers.

Procedure: One comic book + one freebie only
I was pondering on what I would get, for am not really a DC/Marvel reader, so it'd really be a random pick. Then I saw people holding a Peanuts issue. Oh Charlie Brown. You and the gang are alive. So I've made up my mind.

I took hold of the Peanuts issue, but something else caught my eyes. Aha! The ones I usually buy during Komikon events. An indie komiks. I let go of the Peanuts issue in my hand and grabbed "Helmut" and "Work in Progress" by Hub Pacheco and Teddy Pavon. Now I was in another dilemma: which of the two shall I get. Finally, I decided to rest with "Helmut", a hare-detective story.

I am more inclined to liking local indie komiks, which is why when I told a comic-geek friend that I let go of the Peanuts issue, he went "WHY?????". Sorry, I can only get one. I could have gotten both when I could get more than one. XD

We didn't make it to the pin freebies. Boohoo. I wanted the Batman pin so much (though am not really a DC reader, I am a big fan of Batman). But I got the free print-out of Norby Ela's "Wonder Years". I have to admit, I really like the intention behind it. :)

I also had two-minutes of fame.
While I was having the dilemma of which to choose between "Helmut" and "Work in Progress", I was successful to catch Fully Booked's official photographer's attention, and that was all thanks to my statement pins. Teehee. He asked about my pins, my name, and took solo shots of me. Take note, I had two shots. Haha.. I really love my statement pins. Gheck told me that if he had even noticed my clothes pins on my hair, WALA NA. AKO NA TALAGA. Haha..

Yah, Gheck was right. I should have asked for his name also, so I could search for my pic. lol

Anyway, Free Comic Book Day turned out to be a fun experience. Teehee.

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