Summer Komikon 2012

by - May 27, 2012

Summer Komikon 2012! Yey!

I've gotten tired of attending anime conventions already, but am still enjoying attending comics convention. And this year's Summer Komikon is the Komikon I enjoyed the most.

Usually, I'll only be around Komikon for about an hour or so, just really buying comics. But this time I lasted for hours. Komiks kuwentuhan with kuya RB and ArjohnROCKER really did it. And the most fun part of all was that we didn't agree on a plan to meet up in Komikon; we never do; we just always bump into each other during the event.

This year's Summer Komikon was held last 26 May 2012 at Bayanihan Center, Pasig. Straight from work, I rushed to the event. I had to accomplish my number one agenda for that day: get a copy of the second volume of "Skyworld" and have it signed. I cannot miss them. I was in a bit of panic mode coz I left work at past 3:40 pm. I cannot miss them, because last year was a total panic mode for me. I thought they wouldn't come to the event; they were just late. Thank God I didn't leave the place right away and hoped for their presence.

I arrived at the event, and ArjohnROCKER's still in the line for Manix Abrera's autograph signing (It took him three hours before his turn finally came). Yes, number one agenda: buy a copy of "Skyworld" volume two.  I pretty much knew where the tables of NBS and Alamat Comics were located (thanks to the floor plan in that I accidentally came across with the day before). Right after paying for the book, I immediately went to Alamat Comics' table, and voila, I did not find the creators. I was in panic mode again. Turned out that they were based at the NBS table also. Relieved.

Again, it was only Mervin Ignacio whose presence was there. My volume two, together with my book one, were signed. I can breathe normally again. Sometime later, I went back to their table again, and Ian Sta. Maria's still not around, so I gathered up once again all my courage to ask Mervin Ignacio if his partner will not come. "Nag-yosi break lang" was his answer. In my mind: So kanina pa siya nag-yo-yosi break? And it was not only me who had this comical thought up in my head; ArjohnROCKER also commented the same thing, "Ang dalas naman niya mag-yosi break." Eventually, before we went home, I got Ian Sta. Maria to sign my copies. Teehee.

Hands down to ArjohnROCKER; both Manix Abrera and Ian Sta. Maria remember him. Kainggit. Haha..

Speaking of Manix Abrera, I've long been depriving myself of buying my own copy of "12". I think my delayed gratification lasted for years. But finally, I decided to buy it this time, and thanks to ArjohnROCKER again for asking Manix Abrera to sign it for me. Teehee.

Within 30 minutes of arriving at the event, I was robbed off my allotted budget, and there's still a lot of titles I'd like to buy but I can't anymore. So many indie local komiks I'd like to try. I even saw a copy of "Daytripper" by Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba. I WANT. Huhu.. maybe next time, I'd get a taste of them.

The titles I bought from this year's Summer Komikon are:
"Skyworld" Volume Two by Mervin Ignacio and Ian Sta. Maria
"12" by Manix Abrera
"School Run" Part 2-4 by Macoy Tang
"Bathala: Apokalypsis" Issue 1-3 by David Hontiveros and Ace Enriquez
"Trese: Maverick Rider" by Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo
"Anyway" by Josef Rootgum and Kajo Baldisimo
"ABaKaDa" by Lyndon Gregorio


Seeing both ArjohnROCKER and kuya RB at the event was great. Having a conversation about comics was even greater. As ArjohnROCKER puts it, "Masayang magbasa ng komiks, pero mas masayang magkwentuhan tungkol sa komiks."

With no more succeeding books of "Skyworld" to look forward to (Yes, primary reason why I attend Komikon is because of Skyworld. Teehee.), "this" enjoyable reunion and conversation with co-comic book readers/lovers will fuel my excitement for the next Komikon.

Am lookin' forward to it.

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