ABaKaDa by Lyndon Gregorio

by - June 11, 2012

I only got into comics when I went to college; therefore, I hadn't really been a follower of long-running comics, one of which was "Beerkada", created by Lyndon Gregorio. Though I  was  aware of its existence, I did not personally experience it. Sometimes, I could get a glimpse of a strip from the newspaper (that's how I knew about it), but no one really reads newspaper at home, so seeing the gang was an occasional thing, nothing to look forward to by a young girl like me.

When I started reading comics, I knew that Beerkada was a title in the local industry that I should at least experience, and I eventually got a start on it when I bought a copy of "Go Beerkada: Rise of the Jhologs" last Mangaholix 2009 held at the World Trade Center. It's in a graphic novel form, so I grabbed one.

My next encounter with Beerkada was during the recently held Summer Komikon 2012 at Bayanihan Center, Pasig. A new release, ooh, gotta grab one, thinking it's NOT the next compilation of the series of comic strips. "ABaKaDa", I thought it was another creation in graphic novel form. I thought.

I enjoy reading comics in graphic novel form more than in comic strips. I prefer to read those with a continuous story line than those that are cut piece by piece. Therefore, I only deceived myself when I assumed that the eleventh Beerkada compilation was in graphic novel form. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it and actually finished it in one seating. 

Having read "ABaKaDa" made me want to track back on the first compilations. I wanted to know its history; how each character arrived at their current status; how Chompy and Glen got together; why was Dana missing in action; and so on. I was intrigued. 

I want to know them... more.

I do not know what means I can use to have access to the previous volumes, but I am sure to look forward to every new release of Beerkada, which reminds me, the conclusion issue of "Go Beerkada: Revenge of the Jhologs" is yet to come.

I should probably start getting into other comic strips, and get myself used to them. Teehee.

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