Fruitcake by EHeads

by - July 28, 2012

There's a fruitcake for everybody.

I have eaten a fruitcake once and remember liking the bread but not the fruit bits. I do not know how fruitcakes turned out to be the way they are now that people frown upon them. Having used its value for tradition purposes, its baking process has become invaluable that the resulting taste has been dispensed by "fruitcake manufacturers". I bet fruitcakes used to be tasty and exciting. I know there are still some good ones, and I am anticipating to munch on them.

Fruitcakes, in the society I grew up in, are not really something to be heard of during Christmas season. Instead, puto bumbong and bibingka, these two will be present everywhere upon the start of the holiday season. I always get to eat puto bumbong since my sister has a big craving for it. There'll always be a banana-leaf-packed of the purple delicacy on our table upon her arrival at home. I prefer bibingka more, though.

Just the same, puto bumbong and bibingka saved the dying townspeople in Fruitcake Heights, from the children's book "Fruitcake" by Eraserheads. I like how the story ended by giving a hint that the Carol Kings are the beginning days of EHeads. I enjoy heartwarming epiphanies like those. The idea never crossed my mind while reading the first 31 chapters of the book. Clever endings always amaze me and give me inexplicable joy.

Thanks to my puto bumbong-loving sister for finding a copy of the book for me. I remember grumbling to her to get me a copy from Anvil, and after a week or so, she surprised me with one. Teehee.

Just remember peeps, Santa is not the star of Christmas, but our dear Lord Jesus Christ. Toodles!

Looking forward to December. :)

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