aNyWAy by Josef Rootgum and Kajo Baldisimo

by - September 04, 2012

I usually get bored reading compiled comic strips, but “aNyWAy: Wan (1)” by Kajo Baldisimo and Josef Rootgum allowed me to give a very different and POSITIVE response. The moment I started with the first page of comic strips, I thoroughly enjoyed it, and not a single hint of boredom knocked on me. That was a very rare thing to happen (am more of the graphic novel/continuous plot reader).

“aNyWAy: Wan (1)” is a 14-page comic book showcasing the random interviewing whim of Sopas, Panic, and Gagam, three superheroes (at least that’s how Kajo introduced them) from Makati. Each page consists of nine panels of equal sizes; the first panel allotted for the question of our three protagonists, the remaining eight for the answers of their respondents.

I like how Kajo presented the questions and our three adorable superheroes; for the whole 14-pages, the three have the exact same pose. Kajo would just change the background and the speech bubble for the question. I like to use the term “tinoplak” to describe it; that explains it well. That idea is actually what spearheaded my enjoyment for the comics.

The citizens also look like superheroes. They have their own masks or whatever additional paraphernalia to their attire. I like the response of one to the second question: “Nasubukan mo na ba magnakaw?”

Haha. This is just so right. LOL

I tried to browse online about this comics and I found an old archive created by Kajo in blogspot:

Wan point 1 : planet boyet
once upon a time, there is a planet out there. this planet has weird living things on it. they are weird. they eat babies. why? i tell you why. they can't have more than 60,978 people on it or else the planet will fall apart. like bad cake. so to maintain that much people, they eat babies that are born if no one dies. do you get me? do you not? i have much pity in my heart for you if not...
noong unang panahon, may planeta sa malayo na may nakatirang mga weird na nilalang. weird sila kasi kinakain nila yung mga baby kasi hindi pwedeng lumagpas nang 60,978 ang population nila kundi katay sila. sabug mundo, dude! patay...

This is still way back in 2007. Though it only has one post, I find it so, in Filipino, azteeg!

Am wondering if Josef Rootgum is a real person or an alter ego of Kajo? O_O
(Anything is possible!)

My experience in reading this comics is fun, giving me just the adequate amount of feel-good. I really enjoyed it. Teehee. :)

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