Trese: Maverick Rider + Precinto 13

by - September 02, 2012

I had the time to read this morning "Maverick Rider", another case from the "Trese" files of Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. The story started with the villains breaking into a morgue and stealing corpses. As they made their escape, one of the Kambal surprised them when he appeared at the driver seat window.

Oh, my day is totally complete. I love the Kambal. They're the coolest characters I've seen from the Philippine local comics industry. Teehee.

Oh, and how cute they are in these panels.

Kambal: That was so cool. Can we also get our own motorcycles?
Trese: No.
(panels cropped for my instagram >_< )

As I fed my brain once again with Trese, I randomly decided to visit their blogspot page, to see some updates. I came across the latest story for "Precinto 13: Midnight Patrol", story by Budjette Tan and art by Atan, and there I found that I still haven't read any stories from this title; this story would be the first. Kind of interesting to see Capt. Guerrero recruiting for the team.

At the end of the entry are links to the previous stories: "A Domestic Disturbance" and "Premeditation". I like "Premeditation" best. One of the top Trese stories for me. Especially how it is concluded in the last panel, it's kind of calming in the heart.

[Images from Trese]

I feel like I sort of wanted to re-read the whole Trese series. :)

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