Boy Bakal by Carlo Valenzuela

by - October 31, 2012

Boy Bakal: Ang Bakal na Stainless by Carlo Valenzuela is one of those nonsense but feel-good comics. Sobrang joke time lang talaga pero aliw basahin.

The Boy Bakal series started as a parody to the Marvel superhero comics Iron Man. Just like the famous worldwide superhero, Boy Bakal was also created from scrap materials by our protagonist, Rayan Keen, while being held in captivity.

Boy Bakal has a specific villain to battle for every chapter, and there's a pattern actually to his storyline. The villain will start rampaging in a public place then Rayan will get into his Boy Bakal armour and fight against the enemy. Boy Bakal will do the major attack, enough to make the villain incapable of fighting, then it would be the public that would finish beating up the enemy. Alas, when everything is well, Rayan will return and Miss Mahya (his assistant and nanny) will reprimand him for suddenly vanishing during the time of crisis.

The antagonists have no explanation as to why they hate Boy Bakal; they just like to get evil and challenge our superhero, except though for Nadya Pachulicious (Black Bihon) from Kabanata 9 whose reason is Boy Bakal's association to the death of his boyfriend, Bundat from Kabanata 1.

Boy Bakal also has a master enemy who's scheming the evil plans of most of the villains, and that is Armando. We are also not yet given a hint as to why Armando hates Boy Bakal that much, but he's building a crew to defeat our stainless superhero.

Yes, every issue showcases profane and nonsensical panels but it gives the right amount of laugh trip.

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