Hipon Gamay by RH Quilantang and Odree

by - October 29, 2012

We are faced with cliche conclusions everywhere but what allows these cliche plots to tickle a vein in our fragile, little heart is how they are delivered. This is what made me smile as I finished reading the first issue of Hipon Gamay: Ilusyunado, story by RH Quilantang and art by Odree.

Hipon-Gamay is about three buddies (Hipon Gamay, Joey, Tabo) who are having a discourse on Hipon's playboy life. As we flip over the cover page, we are immediately greeted by Hipon, making a premise as to how he ended up having a deep palm-slap mark on his face. Thus, the recollection of his playboy life starts.

So yes, Hipon is the star of the comics. Let's look into the character of the other two.

Joey is the childhood friend of Hipon, that because they are always together, they already look like each other; thus, the reason why they call each other "kambal". This will also be the primary cause of the problem that Hipon will encounter at the end of the issue.

Tabo, as what he's name clearly suggests, wears a tabo on top of his head, just like an ordinary cap. He doesn't talk much; Hipon said that this was caused by the trauma he got from being raped by a turtle when he was just three years old. Though he doesn't talk much, I like the cute, little gestures he make; they're really funny, especially when he goes on teasing Joey.

This is a love story, something about not seeing the person that's just right in front of you; the typical friendzone type of stories. But I really like how this story was delivered. While I was reading the first couple of pages, I didn't think that it would end up with that cliche ending, which is exactly what makes it good. It provides us a cliche resolution but how we got to that resolution is not cliche. Quite ironic, isn't it?

Anyway, I enjoyed reading this comics and I'll definitely look forward to the development of this story. Oh Summer Komikon, still so far.

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