Kadasig Ch 1: A Life Less Ordinary, by David Hontiveros and Ian Sta. Maria

by - October 30, 2012

Done reading Kadasig Chapter 1: A Life Less Ordinary, of Volume 1: The Skeleton at the Feast, story by David Hontiveros and art by Ian Sta. Maria.

When Ian Sta. Maria first announced that Kadasig will be serialized, I really got excited. I told myself that I should not miss this in this year's Komikon. True enough, it's the first thing I bought upon arriving at the event. I wouldn't survive the horror of not getting a copy.

I first encountered Kadasig in the Underpass graphic anthology of Summit Media, and I was really happy with what I had read. I thought that if this will be serialized, it will truly be amazing; Kadasig's history, his concealed connection with Lady Ibu, the creative play on words by David Hontiveros, and the jaw-dropping art of Ian Sta. Maria in the Katumbas story, it was all worth looking forward to. The Katumbas story is one good read, so I am expecting the same thing with the first issue of Kadasig.

But it was not the same. :(
It took me a hard time to appreciate this chapter, and I'd been convincing myself to be amazed by it coz I've been a fan of Ian Sta. Maria's works and I really enjoyed Katumbas, but I  couldn't appreciate that much this partiular chapter. I hadn't felt the excitement and thrill; I got confused midway; am not sure if my comprehension has weakened or I'm just not happy about it. On the brighter side, I'll still look forward to the future updates of this series. The first issue may have not satisfied me, it's still not enough reason to drop the whole thing. I'm still intrigued as to how Kadasig ended up making a bargain with Lady Ibu.

I know, soon enough, this will also become awesome. :)

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