Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal + Kambal is ♥

by - October 28, 2012

Done rereading the Trese comic book series, story by Budjette Tan and art by Kajo Baldisimo.

I got a copy of Trese 5: Midnight Tribunal from the recently held Komikon 2012 last October 27, 2012, and after reading it, it made me want to reread the whole series from the start, and that’s what I exactly did.

Rereading the series refreshed my memory of the past cases and it gave me once again the same feeling of thrill and excitement. I was even more excited to get to book 3 because that was where the Kambal’s history was explained; it was their moment.

I really love the character of the Kambal. They are the characters that I adore the most among all the local comics I have read. Rereading book 3 has allowed me to understand their character more and helped me identify again which is which. Basilio (comedy mask, long hair, younger) indeed is the more playful type, and I find his older brother (tragedy mask, short hair, older) to be more responsible. It also occurs to me that the older brother’s name has never been mentioned; we are given the idea of him being named Crispin from the character sketch found at the add-on pages at the back of the book, but it has a question mark so now I am still not sure as to what he is called. Basilio always refer to his brother as “kuya” and I really like it whenever he calls him that. My heart also skips whenever one of them would go on a rage because the other got beaten up; they always look out for each other. One good example is from the Darna case where Basilio gets a good beating from Ding then his kuya rushes towards the opponent, points a gun to his head, speaks the words “Nobody does that to my brother” then pulls the trigger. They are such a feel-good.

Going back to book 5, noticing a love team between Alexandra and Maverick being developed gave me a laugh. Woah, that is something interesting and kind of cute. Maverick being first introduced in book one now would seem to play major roles, an interesting additional foil to balance the serious character of Alexandra. The Kambal getting their own bikes is also awesome.

Oh well, hello there.

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