1081 Manila Accounts by Wan Mañanita and Aaron Felizmenio

by - November 02, 2012

1081 Manila Accounts: Good Criminals Wear White is created by Wan Mañanita and Aaron Felizmenio, in collaboration with RH Quilantang and Alyssa Mortega.

The first chapter, The Grand Liberty Robbery, is one of the best action comics issue I have read. I have not expected to be captivated this much by it.

When I'd read the blurb at the back by Heubert Michael (Vampirella), "I was expecting it to be good---BUT NOT THIS GOOD!", I told myself, it couldn't be this exaggerated. But now I understood what he meant; he was right. It was this good, I also did not expect it.

1081 Manila Accounts is set during the time of Martial Law in the Philippines, but they prefer to refer to it as the "new system". We'll be having our modern-day psychotic Robin Hoods, and they wear white; criminals making a statement.

I enjoyed the overall approach of this one, the plot, the presentation, the artwork. It is evident that it's been given much thought.

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  1. where'd you get this? i'm interested. i'm a late bloomer when it comes to comics. kust like you, i'm waiting for a reprint of arnold arre's classics (my favorite is andong agimat).

    1. Hey there, you can get this during komikon events. But if you cant wait for it, you can ask the guys from Frances Luna III Illustration Firm on how you can get a copy. You can search for their page in facebook.