Pasig by Taga-Ilog + looking back on Arnold Arre's work

by - November 04, 2012

During the peak of Culture Crash, I was still not a comics reader, so it's quite a frustration to jump on the second book of Pasig, created by Taga-Ilog, without any background on it. Nevertheless, I started flipping through the pages of my copy of Pasig Book 2, Issues 1 & 2, and the reading experience was satisfying. All the more that I  wanted to back track the first issues of Pasig. Too bad, unlike Beerkada, there's no one I can borrow copies of Culture Crash from.

I remember during the old days, my interests just revolved around anime series and cartoons aired on local TV stations and make-shifting crafts. I did not think that I'll get hooked to reading comics. Well I think my interest in comics can still have progress since I haven't indulged in DC and Marvel comics yet, more from the local industry instead.

Taga-Ilog has been giving hints that he'd release a compilation of the first book of Pasig, which makes readers like me to anticipate for it. It's just that he has also given hints that he would not know as to when this can be accomplished.

Oh, I remember the feeling I had when I popped a question to Arnold Arre during his book launch event for Martial Law Babies in Powerbooks Trinoma. I asked if he'll ever release a reprint of Trip to Tagaytay. He answered, yes, on the next year. That was in 2009.

It's already 2012, and there's still no sign of Trip to Tagaytay. I understand authors have their own stuff going on behind their public works; I just hope the release of the Pasig Book 1 compilation would not take this long.

Trip to Tagaytay by Arnold Arre

I am still looking forward to Trip to Tagaytay though. After all, it is Arnold Arre's After Eden that paved the way for me to dive into the comics world. :)

The Kambal (Trese) may have been my most favorite characters and Skyworld my most favorite comic book, Arnold Arre would be my favorite author.

Ooh, nostalgia :)

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  1. hi, do you know where can I find pasig comic book issues aside from komikons?

    1. hi, sorry. not sure about this. try comic odyssey. i know they have a section for filipino comic book creators.