Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents, oh yeah!

by - December 28, 2012

I finally got to read the third issue of Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents, created by Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo, which I even asked one of my comics buddy to purchase a copy for me from its launch at the Ayala Musuem last Nov. 15, 2012 since I couldn't make it to the event. Oh, as I've said last time, it really is a good read.

The scene that I love the most among the three installments can be found in the second issue, last page. Charlie was grabbed by the aswang townspeople; the other three held him mightily to save him. Then Charlie saw his Wolverine action figure, and for some nostalgic reason, he broke free from his friends' hands and grabbed Wolverine instead. It was the panel where Sandra, Noel, and Koontz shouted "HUMAWAK KA, TANGA!" that made me arrive at the conclusion that this comics is really really good. BENTA TALAGA! :) Also, an effective cliffhanger for the introduction of the third issue. :)

I remember the first time that I read CFCCA #2, there were a series of panels that really freaked me out.

And I was reading it at nighttime! Very effective. I really got scared as the panels were closing up on the face of the Lolo aswang. It was as if I was watching it on TV. O_O

The barkada consists of Charlie, Noel, Sandra, and Koontz, but I'd like to make a review on Noel's character. I found something really interesting about him and I bet it is also what the creators intended for his character to be.

In CFCCA #2, we are introduced to Koontz' notepad, containing the number of betrayals that each has made. From there, we get the idea that it is Noel who does the betrayal most frequently. Oh selling out his friends to save himself, there are two scenarios in issue 2 where we can see this. One is when he volunteered Charlie to be eaten by the Lolo aswang instead. Another is when he is convincing the same Lolo Aswang that he will join their weird f***** up cult and together, they can marinade them with the seasonings he has in his bag.

However, in CFCCA #3, we would see a different side of Noel. Contradictory to his jack-ass personality, he does have a sense of responsibility. As the aswang townspeople from issue 2 are chasing after them, Noel volunteers to face the adversary to allow his friends to escape. And as he prepares himself for the worst and the other three run for their lives, Koontz takes out his notepad, and we discover that it doesn't only contain their betrayal counts but also their heroism acts, which Noel is also leading in number. Actually, it is mostly Noel who does the heroism act. Though he is a jack-ass, traitorous type of person, he also ironically is the one who would willingly sacrifice himself if the circumstance requires it.

As my eyes traveled from one panel to the other, as I witnessed the tears falling from Noel's eyes, Koontz flipping through his notepad, his pen jotting down on Noel's heroism count, I felt a heartwarming feeling inside. It just made me smile and appreciate Noel. This may sound silly, but the panels showing Noel's crying eyes and Koontz's pen jotting down on his notepad allowed me to feel the genuine feelings and intention of Noel during that instant moment.

It's kind of weird but it's like watching a movie; that scene came to life as I felt the emotion behind it. Cheesy but that's really how it happened for me. It is amazing how one can find a connection with the stuff he reads. And I feel really satisfied whenever I experience that.

I'd like to say more about this comics but this should be good for now.

I told you guys, this is a good read. :)

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  1. Hi, Jeya! Thanks for the review, it means a lot to us! Like, sobra. Most of the details na nabanggit mo like the endings of 2 & 3 si AJ ang nag-suggest/responsible sa mga yun. :)

    Oh, thanks rin pala kay Arjohn! See you guys next Komikon or something.

    1. Oh hi there! Yey! See you next komikon. Happy new year! Teehee. :)

    2. On the other hand, karamihan sa mga pinakaastig na scenes (like yung Marilyn/ Anna Roces cameo) ay si Noel ang nagdrowing