Black Ink: The Reaper by Nald Tabuzo and Vovoi Lim

by - February 23, 2013

Wala na ngang pera, nakuha pang bumili ng comics. And I don't think this is the first time this happened. :)

A while back, I came across Black Ink Comics' FB page and saw something that really caught my interest: the preview pages of book one of The Reaper, story by Nald Tabuzo and art by Vovoi Lim. The moment that I browsed through the pages enumerating the different kinds of reapers, it created a sense of excitement and intrigue within me. I said, hey, I will get a copy of this book upon its availability; I NEED to know what will happen, or this will forever haunt me.

This week, I saw in my news feed that Black Ink had already released in NBS some of their comic titles. Oh,   I remembered the excitement I had when I first saw the preview pages of The Reaper. Since I was in Power Plant Mall yesterday, I decided to drop by NBS to check if their branch already has the Black Ink titles. It took me a while to locate the Philippine section but it thrilled me when I finally saw a copy of it. Gaaak!

Haha. It's an amazing feeling. Just when I thought I am starting to lose interest in comics, here I am, spontaneously spending on comic books even after resigning from work and has no source of income. :)

So my first reaction is thrilled. Second reaction is "Oh my gosh, Book one of ELEVEN?" -_- So there are still ten more books to anticipate. Ten more books to spend on. But hey, it is something I am willing to look forward to.

I really liked the concept of having different classes of reapers. I hope this will turn out great up to book eleven. Teehee. :)

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