CRAFT PROJECT: Cabinet Doors

by - March 07, 2013

I guess the only productive thing I had done after resigning from work was to redecorate our cabinet doors. I started working on this a year ago; however, I was not able to finish it. Finally, I decided to work on it last week and changed the entire theme. The original theme was somewhat like a Goldilocks-lost-in-the-forest type. Preview below:

I realized that I wasn't able to to take a photo of the whole thing. -_-

However, a new idea knocked on my head that did not allow me to have a good night sleep the night before, so I just had to do it. Basically, it would be like those boxed wall arts, but made from shoe box lids and fabric. Oh, I was also able to make a good use of my old Pocky and Apollo boxes. I knew they would someday come in handy. Teehee. :)

The final product

The creative process

This came from the tree trunk in
the original theme. Recycle. Recycle. :)

Hooray for productivity! :)

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