YanoXPin: Quick Note

by - March 23, 2013

Pin and Yano | Kimi ni Todoke | Ch 77


Yes, I am a fan of YanoXPin and I've always wanted for some development to happen in their pairing. But during the development period of the YanoXKentou pairing in their field trip, I understood what Shiina Karuho is trying to present by creating scenes of Yano and Pin (regardless if he's indeed building up a YanoXPin pairing or not); Yano and Pin's situation are the same in some sort of way, and that somehow it is either one of them who understands what's really going on each another.

From the field trip arc, Yano asked Pin if he had ever really loved someone. When Pin answered "yes", Yano became sort of sad. Many YanoXPin would interpret this as "Yano was sad to know that Pin did have a true love. There's no possibility anymore for a progress between them to occur." However, later on the arc where we would see that Kentou confessed his love for Yano, Yano was troubled with the idea of truly falling in love. Apparently, out of all the relationships that Yano had, she never truly had fallen in love in any one of them. She even thought that she's not capable of falling in love.

So here's what I think why Yano became sad upon learning that Pin did experience being truly in love before. In some way or another, she thinks that she and Pin are the same. Pin is a womanizer; one would normally think he would never fall seriously for someone. Yano have never fallen in love for someone. Upon learning that Pin had experienced falling in love, Yano became sad because what she thought that she and him had in common, was now broken. She now felt more alone and sorry for herself for not feeling anything for anyone, because even someone like Pin did experience true feelings. She haven't.

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