Hipon Gamay 2: Speakless by RH Quilantang and Odree

by - April 24, 2013

Summer Komikon 2013 came and I had no idea which titles/issues were out. I waltzed through the entrance of the hall and swiped through my phone to call my buddies. As I held my phone pressed to my ear and tiptoed hoping I would see the heads of the people I was looking for, I glanced at something on my left that I was not prepared to see. Ooh, the second issue of Hipon Gamay is out! For real? How clueless had I been for the past few months. Gaaah! I needed to grab a copy of this.

So yey! I now have a copy of Hipon Gamay 2: Speakless, story by RH Quilantang and illustrations by Odree. Teehee. :)

When I got the first issue last Komikon October 2012, I remember that I really enjoyed reading it. It's an easy read but a fun one. I created my first post on this comics since I was really looking forward to the next issue. And woot woot! Here, I already have it in my hands.

It's also great to see Tabo being given focus in the second issue. Woah, I did not expect that turn in the plot. His current situation is sucky, being in love with a friend who is also in love with another friend. They are like in a love food chain. Love food chain sucks haha.

So this is really all about friendzone situations, given to you in an easy read format. But hey, isn't it indeed more effective if the material laid out to you is so perfectly simple that it will get to your bones straight on. Tagus-tagusan kung baga.

Simple but clever medium from RH and Odree.

No. I don't think I have ever been friendzoned, but somebody already told me that he thought that I friendzoned him. :(

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