Kanto Inc. 5: Ohmygosh!

by - April 24, 2013

Ohmygosh! I just read the 5th issue of Kanto Inc. and they included my review in the blurb. Haha. Na-excite and natuwa naman ako. Heehee. :) What's more funny is that out of all the reviews they included, sa'kin 'yung pinakabarubal. LOL

Kanto Inc. is a creation of Joanah Tinio-Calingo, Taga-Ilog, and Kilayman, under the Point Zero Comics group. The fifth issue basically shows a usual scenario of the whole gang in the house with, of course, the added whimsical element, the theme now being centered on the "nahipan" superstition. As Al explains it, one should be beware of making funny faces for if the wind suddenly blows on you by chance, your face may not go back to how it was before; thus, nahipan.

I haven't heard of this superstition in quite a long while. I remember being afraid of this when we used to play cross-eyed as a kid. My aunt would say, "Hala, sige, kapag nahipan 'yan, duleng ka na." and it actually scared me, and I never tried to play cross-eyed again.

Though this issue showcases the usual wackiness, comedic atmosphere of the whole gang, it's nice to see that as they progress through every issue, you could see how each of the characters has become really comfortable of each other. Such a nice thing to see. :)

And yey, the part that suddenly made me leap from my bed, the blurb, haha. I sometimes have the habit of reading the extra parts of a comic book, the dedication, acknowledgement, and yes, the reviews of other people in which the creator has decided to include in the publication. As I read the excerpt from the first review they listed, I was like, "Ooh, how intellectual." Then I moved on to the second review and I was like, "parang pamilyar", then I saw the url address of my blog. "Ohmygosh! Ako nagsulat nito!" Haha. Kung gaano ka-intellectual 'yung review nung nauna, ganoon kabarubal 'yung dating nung sa'kin. :)

It is such a small thing, but it really made me smile and leap for joy. Kudos to all the mabababaw in the world. Teehee. :)

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