Summer Komikon 2013

by - April 18, 2013

Summer Komikon 2013. 13 April 2013. Unilab Bayanihan Center, Pasig.

I was not prepared for this year's Summer Komikon. I remember putting the event on my calendar around Jan/Feb and was excited for it, but came March and April, it was washed away from my mind, until one of my comics buddies reminded me about it a week before the event. Oh yeah, it was that time of the year again. I was not prepared. I had no idea which titles were coming out. Worse, I might not even be able to come to the event. I had an exam on that day and I did not know what other errands I could have for my mom.

Following comics fan pages on facebook is a good idea. You'll never know when the information you need from them will suddenly appear in your newsfeed. And poof! There goes the info on the eleventh compilation of Beerkada by Lyndon Gregorio, which is entitled Musikada, to be launched on the event.

So there goes one comic book title. I begged my comics buddy to buy one for me and have it signed already. His problem was: how would Lyndon Gregorio draw me? Ay oo nga pala. Toink! Palagyan na lang niya ng bangs at sipit sa buhok. LOL

Two days before the event, another comics buddy of mine also reminded me about the event. Oh, it was like they were making me feel guilty for not going. -_-

In the end, I was able to go to the event. My exam on that day went smoothly. I had no other errands for my mom, and I was even able to get some sleep again before going to the convention. I got my list of comic titles to get by browsing through my comics buddy's to-get-list. Gaya-gaya. Hehe. :) But I really couldn't go all out this Komikon, unlike last year where I was able to get a lot of titles. Nagpigil talaga ako. Nakakaiyak. Huhu. Coz I really want to check out other indie titles, get the latest issues of comics I had started on, but self-control was needed to be imposed. As my comics buddy told me, ramdam nga daw niya 'yung self-control ko.

It was okay though. I was able to get the titles I was looking forward to.

Wasted by Gerry Alanguilan
Musikada by Lyndon Gregorio
Hipon Gamay 2 by RH Quilantang and Odree
School Run 5 by Macoy Tan
Ang Maskot by Macoy Tan
Agawan Base by Kai Castillo
Kanto Inc 5 by Tinio-Calingo, Kilayman, Taga-Ilog

I got to see my comics buddies also. It was nice seeing familiar faces. :)

And yeah, though I had nothing to buy or have signed anymore from them, I always like seeing the Skyworld peeps in the event. They're still the ones that spearheaded my excitement for many Komikon seasons. If indeed Ian Sta. Maria and Mervin Ignacio would release a sequel to the book... sige, ito na naman tayo. Heehee. :)

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