Go-Beerkada: Revenge of the Jhologs

by - November 27, 2013

Before plunging into the last installment of Lyndon Gregorio's first graphic novel, Go-Beerkada: Revenge of the Jhologs, I had to reread the first part, Rise of the Jhologs, in order to refresh my memory of the plot. It was amazing flipping again through the pages of the first book and be faced with the idea of aliens coming out of the portals along the pacific rim. It reminded me of the Pacific Rim movie showed just this year; Rise of the Jhologs was released back in 2009. This just made me smile. Ooh. :)

I also like this whole graphic novel since Dana is here and the GlenXDana pairing is still alive. But yeah, we all know that Glen would eventually get married to Andrea. Pffft.

Below's the Task Force Go-Beerkada Team 3 Personnel File:

Code NameFile NamePrimary VehicleSpecial Attack
Red Berry OneGlen dela CostaKill/Attack Transport-Automated SystemsSuper-Sipa Strike
Blueberry TwoAlan PolantocPrimary and Secondary Armored Delivery AssailantBattle Jolen Barrage
Green Peppermint ThreeBryan StradaMotorized Equipment for Ground AssaultTrumpo Torpedo
Pink Bubblegum FourBoopey ValenzuelaOvert Warcraft for Neutralizing Extreme ResistanceTumbang Preso Projectile
Yellow Honeymansi FiveDana AguilaCounter-Offensive, Numerous Threat-Responsive All-Terrain AutomobileKung Fu Garter Assault

I just like how the conflicts and resolutions were developed in Revenge of the Jhologs. One of the instances I would like to specifically cite as an example was the scenario where Glen thought that  he was talking to the armored Jimmy, who gave him a comforting but misleading advice to drop his role as leader of Go-Beerkada. "No one's going to blame you if you walk out right now & get back to being Glen dela Costa instead of Red Berry One." It was unknown to him that the antagonist Benjy was the one currently inside the armor.

This kind of conflict may be common in some plots, but I found it really sad, and it is definitely one of the points in the whole book that has made a mark on my reading experience. Poor Glen. It "cheesingly" triggers one's sympathy for Glen. :(

Another scenario that I like showcased the value of friendship. It's when the whole gang found out that Glen was nowhere to be found and Boopey was being her usual bitch-self, enumerating all of Glen's weaknesses as a leader. Then Agent McBeal gave her an unexpected and hard-hitting response. "You're right. I'm not going to ask you to look for your leader. I am going to ask you to look for your friend." These kinds of lines are those that would make you pause and feel very uneasy, but instead of focusing on how to redeem yourself, you would be quick to act upon the situation. Similar to how the gang immediately searched for Glen after Agent McBeal released this heart-crushing line. I like this scenario for it emphasizes the original theme of Beerkada, yeah, barkadahang walang iwanan. :)

Probably, the most heart-breaking and frustrating panel I have seen from Beerkada is where Agent McBeal has to erase the Go-Beerkada's memories of the whole mission. Dana, in great panic, turns to Glen and asks him of what will become of their formed relationship now that Agent McBeal is about to erase every memory they have shared for the past month. I like Glen's response. Yes, it is cheesy and all, but I like it since it is GlenXDana. "Listen to me, Dana. Nothing she does will come between us. Not now." It is supposed to be heartwarming and comforting but NO!!!!! We all know that Glen and Dana will not end up together; instead, Glen will happily get married to Andrea. Graaawr. I hate and like this panel. I like it because I think it's clever, but I hate it because it gives you false hope. Graaaawr.

Sniff. This is one of the saddest panels I have come across the whole Beerkada series.

Oh, here's my autographed copies. Heehee. :)

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