Pencil skirts sewing project

by - November 03, 2013

Recently, I was finally able to setup a working station inside our room. As a result, I got to start again on my crafting hobbies and become productive. I discovered why I had become so lazy and unproductive, that I allowed for my crafting skills to go in hiatus for years, and it was because I did not have a decent working area. True enough, when I got myself a small wooden table that I was able to fit in one of the small corners of our room, my craft mode was on again. It is such a great convenience when I do not have to unpack my sewing machine from its box from time to time. I can just sit in front of my table, plug my machine, and start my thing.

Then, I realized what I really love to do, and that is still, indeed, sewing.

I am glad to have reached this epiphany.

Two of my first projects are these red and blue pencil skirts that I sewed for my own personal use. I'm running out of clothes to use in the office, and I kept on being remarked at by wearing short-length skirts. So instead of buying new skirts, which most of often than not I still have to repair since they are big for my waistline, I'd rather sew my own that would perfectly fit my waist, and I can adjust the skirt length.

I just miscalculated the measurement for my red skirt because it turned out to be short, still (gaaah, am really used to short-length skirts). Well, I'll just have to restitch the hemline to increase the skirt length.

I am so looking forward to my Saturdays because this is the only day that I get to sew again. I recently shopped a couple of fabrics with my friend, and I really am excited to sew them into my new office pencil skirts. Teehee.

Crafting Nopickup is on! Happy sewing for me. Teehee. :)

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