CHAMPION, ChemPropaganda Two: Design is Your Experiment (2009)

by - August 13, 2014

One of the projects that I am most proud of is the fashion piece that my college orgmates and I worked on for a Chemistry/fashion contest back in 2009, ChemPropaganda Two: Design is Your Experiment, organized by the Ateneo Chemical Society (ACHES).

We were to produce a fashion apparel using recycled materials, which design was based on a Chemistry laboratory experiment. Our group had chosen the concept of alchemy, turning lead into gold, but basically turning copper into brass inside a school’s chemistry lab.

It was such a pleasure to have engaged in this activity; we bagged the first prize, and I got to indulge myself in a project that combined some of my major interests, Chemistry, crafting, and fashion.

We really worked hard on this project, spent hours and days both in school and Jun-kun’s boarding house to finish the piece.

Here are some behind the scene photos.

Jun-kun initially fitting the base of the dress
Goldie doing a make-up test on Kacie

Prepping up for the show!

Kacie having her hair and make-up done
Getting dressed!
Meet the creators! Junk-kun, Goldie, Gheck, and myself! Teehee. :)

It's showtime!

Kacie with the other models
Kacie and her walk

Judgement time...

...and we won! I strongly believed that we could win this competition because I knew how much we paid attention to the concept, details, and creative process of the whole project. This was also the time where I got to practice the law of attraction and witnessed how true it really is. Truly there is nothing impossible with God.

I really enjoyed this whole thing. I got to demonstrate my skills and share what I love doing together with some good friends. Teehee. :)

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