CRAFT PROJECT: Handmade glass-wire-crochet necklace

by - September 21, 2014

By default, I really am a sewing enthusiast, but recently I started to venture into handmade jewelries. One of my first projects involved copper wires and crochet, which had never been part of my crafting inventory skills.

I did a bit of study, watched some tutorials online, and reviewed my very basic crochet-making skills, and I arrived at a pretty decent handmade necklace.

I got some clear glass marbles, and a few days back I had unearthed a pack of Japanese origami paper that I got from my Osaka trip last year. I got so excited because finally I had something to use these pretty pattern papers for (because I don’t really do origami).

For days, I searched for a nearby place where I could buy copper wires, and I couldn’t find one. I did not want to go all the way to Marikina hardware to buy some copper wires, because apparently none of the hardwares around, may it be Ace Hardware or local hardwares, carry one. My search was put to an end when I found rolls of color-plated copper wires in National Bookstore Glorietta (but later on I found the same brand of copper wires in Wellmansons in Quiapo for a much much cheaper price).

Hardwares had been my friends during this period as I tried to complete my tools and supplies, and one of the items I was trying to find was a decent glass adhesive. I noticed that the most recommended craft adhesive was E6000 and it was available in some local stores such as Deovir, but I did not really want to use an E6000 since it was quite harmful to one’s health. I found that Weldbond and Elmer’s China & Glass Cement were nontoxic, so I went around looking for these products. I really preferred to use Weldbond, but unfortunately, I could not find one that was locally sold. Luckily, I found an Elmer’s China & Glass cement. Yey!

One very important thing that I learned as I researched for an adhesive was that no matter how good and strong an adhesive is, you really have to allot a long period of time for it to cure, and I hate waiting. I really, really hate waiting. Now I understand why my small craft projects when I was young were not sturdy enough; because I did not wait. But now, I had learned something and I was able to put it into practice.

I glued the glass marbles to my japanese origami paper and left it overnight. When the marbles had dried, I started on the wire wrapping task. I tried different cabochon wire wrapping techniques and most ended as a failure since the round side of the glass marble was, well, too round than a normal cabochon. Then I found that the viking knit weave technique could hold it well, it was just very time consuming, but it did the work and the result was really pretty.

I had no necklace cord/chain in stock when I was working on this project, so I pondered on how was I to turn this into a necklace? A pendant with no necklace. :( But I had some crochet strings; I always have strings in stock, they come in really handy with different projects, such as this one! :) Then it dawned to me that it was time for me to do some practice on crochet. I pulled out my very handy-dandy basic crochet-making book, I had a very lovely blue, tricolor crochet yarn, of course, my number 7 metal crochet hook that had been with me for years but hadn’t really used it that much (I think it was still my elementary crochet hook O_O), and I started making loops and chains until I arrived at my desired length.

Working on this project, I really learned a lot of new tips and tricks. I never thought before that crochet stiffeners are used on crochet products. I just wondered if there was a way to make my chain more presentable since it really was wobbly, and yes, I had to stiffen the crochet, and it’s actually easy to do. I did not really need those ready-made, professional crochet stiffeners; just mixed equal parts of Elmer’s glue (hooray for our most-loved school glue!) and water, and there, I had my stiffener.

I knew buying those small packs of jump rings and lobster locks in Marikina years before would someday become handy, so with these two little parts, I was able to complete my handmade glass marble-copper wire-crochet necklace. Teehee.

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