SEWING PROJECT: Harley Quinn (Injustice: Gods Among Us) costume, 2013

by - September 14, 2014

This is another one of those year-late sewing project posts and yes, it is a Harley Quinn costume again, yey! I have shared in my previous post bits of my creative process in coming up with my Harley Quinn Halloween costume, so for this one, I will get to share how I arrived at my Harley Quinn, Injustice: Gods Among Us, costume for our company Christmas Party.

When I found out that the theme for the Christmas party was superheroes and villains, I immediately thought of my Halloween costume; however, I did not want to reuse something I recently worn. It was similar to how I did not like repeating costumes for cosplay events. My dilemma then was how to satisfy my desire to be in Harley Quinn outfit, so I jumped on another google-ing activity, hoping to find other Harley Quinn costumes, and voila, she indeed has other costumes.

I had my pick already; her Injustice: Gods Among Us outfit really amazed me. It was even followed up by a photo of a fantastic cosplayer from the San Diego Comic Con. The costume perfectly fitted her; I fell in love with it! I just had one problem though: the costume was way too sexy. There was no way I could wear it just like that. Add up the fact that I am a size 0, sniff, poor girl. Hence, I had to move to the second step: customize.

Click here for image source.
Click here for image source.

Wearing a bikini was definitely crossed-out, but I could replace it with black shorts; I own one of those that people call "short shorts". As for the rest of the costume, I had to sew everything, the top, gloves, leggings, and the ribbons for my hair.

For the top, instead of having an open vest, I turned it into a pullover with a low neckline. Here, I was able to use the gathering technique, which I also used for my Harley Quinn Halloween costume, and applied it to the ruffles on the neckline. This step was definitely a challenge for me, but I felt so happy after I had accomplished this task.

Having to work with two different fabric colors was not that easy. I always had to visualize which color will go on the left and on the right, both on the right and wrong side, since the wrong side had to look as presentable as the right side for it would be visible on the lower portion, where the pointed tails hang.

After getting done with all the measuring, cutting, and sewing of the top, I realized that I had one very big mistake: I forgot to allot a seam allowance. O_O No! Who even forgets to put a seam allowance?? Unfortunately, I just did. It was at this moment that I fully appreciated my body for being a size 0; I was too skinny that I could still squeeze in the pullover even without a seam allowance. O_O

I had my die cut diamond appliqué ready, as well as the contrasting fabric details for the pointed tails.  I love the little silver bells hanging on the tails. Teehee.

I also created my own belt, which I did with a mix of hand and machine stitching. In this step, I experienced stressing my fingers while sewing the buttons and locks to the leather. It was just soft leather, but hey, it was still leather. On the other hand, my satisfaction was fulfilled after I had finished sewing the details on the belt.

I used the same soft leather material for creating my accessories, for the necklace and arm strap.

I also had to create the leggings. I sewed zippers on the bottom part so I could slide my foot in. I prepared a separate strip with one zigzag end for the details of the upper portion. Since I also used cotton and not spandex, I had to insert a garter so it could cling to my thigh.

I created this costume in a rush, so I had no more time for the gloves. I initially thought of going without it anymore, but the achiever in me could not settle with it. Hence, when I woke up in the morning on the day of the party, I immediately worked on my gloves. Thank God for still giving me enough time and strength.

Footwear. The most convenient but budget-wrecking way, I purchased a pair of boots days before. That's it.

And my Harley Quinn, Injustice: Gods Among Us, costume was complete! Teehee. :)

He volunteered to build the mallet for me. Teehee. :)

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