CRAFT PROJECT: DIY braided flat suede cord necklace

by - October 27, 2014

Following my scissors-lobster lock and alphabet necklaces is this black, braided, flat suede cord necklace project. Again, this is still in line with my goal of coming up with accessories for myself so I can liven up a bit my outfit for work.

I had my materials ready, black flat suede cord, fold over crimps, jump rings, chain, and a piece of lobster lock.

I cut three short pieces of suede cord, identical in length, for one set. After this, I attached a fold over crimp on one side first for each piece. Gathering the three pieces with one finished end, I started the braid work. Upon finishing the braid, I closed the open ends with another fold over crimp. The reason why I only capped one end before starting to braid was so I could make sure that the crimps on the opposite end would be facing front as well.

I locked the braid by looping a jump ring on each crimp for both ends. I made another set so I'll have two braided pieces for my necklace.

I split into two the chain I had and attached the two braids I had prepared, one braid on top of the other, similar to a ladder with only two levels.

Another jump ring and a lobster lock for each end of the chain and my black, braided, flat suede cord was ready to rock. Teehee.

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