CRAFT PROJECT: Scissors-lobster lock chain necklace

by - October 18, 2014

Recently, I realized that accessories DO add life and "mffff" to one's outfit. I am not an accessory person, but having plains dominate my wardrobe has allowed me to arrive to this epiphany.

For years, all I just used to wear was my ever-favorite One Piece metal pendant that I've had since third year college. Even if it was already tarnished and had its chain replaced with a crochet yarn (since I broke it), I still continued to wear it. But the time came when it really was giving up on me, so I had to give it a rest.

I have a number of different charms in stock at home since my metal stamping craze started, so this past Thursday, I decided to create a necklace for myself.

I am a crafter so I really am in love with scissors designs. I got this pretty scissors charm from my first visit in Wellmansons. I paired it with some lobster locks and looped it through a chain, finished the locks then voila, I have my scissor-lobster lock necklace! Teehee. :)

I was able to use it on Friday, which went well with my plain, red, chiffon top.

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