METAL STAMPING IN MANILA: Would you be my strawberry jam? – FIRST ETSY SALE

by - November 30, 2014

So recently I set up my online craft shop. I haven't finalized everything yet until now but bit by bit I am adding improvements to it. I initially set it up with etsy and paired it with instagram, then later on decided to put up the fb page for PH customers. Surprisingly, I got my first etsy sale! Yey!

I never thought that my first sale would be coming from etsy. I didn't think that it could really work well for a newbie coming from Asia, but I learned a very good tip. If one's designs/products are really unique and interesting, overseas buyers will not have second thoughts in making a purchase from one's shop even if that means they'll have to wait for weeks for their item to arrive.

So my lucky handmade item that is currently making its way to New Jersey is this "Would you be my strawberry jam?" metal stamped necklace. Heehee.

I love OPM, and one band that I got to enjoy before was Ciudad, and they have a fun and quirky song entitled "Strawberry Jam" from which I took the line I hand stamped on the necklace.

I had some strawberry charms available, so why not create something out of these?

I prepared my aluminum sheet and started stamping the phrase. My technique in aligning the letters was with the use of masking tape. Yes, masking tape is the magic! I learned this from, a wonderful site to learn metal stamping. Then I cut my metal. I had metal snips but these were the large ones so my fingers hurt when cutting with these, so I also use a paper cutter to cut my sheet. Oh, yes again, I am using a paper cutter to cut metal. O_O Kuya gave me this idea and it was indeed effective.

I punched five holes for the jump rings using my metal puncher, two on top for the chain, and three on the bottom for the strawberry charms. Then I sanded, filed, and polished my metal, which was now ready for inking.

After finishing the metal piece, it was time to attach the charms and chains. I also created one for my personal use since I really love this. Heehee.

And there we have it. Would you be my strawberry jam? Teehee. :)

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