METAL STAMPING PROJECT: Personalized rectangular chain necklace

by - November 02, 2014

Continuing with the make-my-own-accessories series, here I am to share another metal stamping project. Teehee.

I created another metal stamped necklace, a personalized one. I had my other nickname, "Rush" stamped on a 24 gauge aluminum sheet that I cut into a rectangle. Rush is my philo nickname. Back in second year college, our philosophy professor gave us the liberty to assign a nickname for ourselves that he would use to call us in class. I had him as my professor for two semesters, so I was known as Rush in my philo classes for one whole school year.

I got this nickname in one of the summer registrations when I was providing service to the school as an assessor. One of my colleagues just gave me the nickname Rush, which he had derived from my given name, and I liked it, so I continued to use it in handpicked situations, such as my philo class.

Having a name to be stamped, I prepared my aluminum sheet. I cut a small piece of rectangle and started stamping each letter on it.

Afterwards, I sanded the edges and filed the corners into a curve. I usually do the sanding and filing after the stamping process since I tend to make mistakes while stamping, so this is in order to prevent a repeat of the sanding and filing step and preserve time and energy.

I like using sandpaper in deburring the edges of my metal since it doesn't leave evident marks, unlike when I use my file. But a file is handy when smoothing out the corners especially when I would like to achieve a rounded corner.

Next step was drilling the holes. Although I had a handy-dandy metal puncher, I opted to use my drill for this project since the pin diameter of my metal puncher was 1.8 mm, which was quite big for my piece. I had a 1.5 mm drill bit, which was just perfect for my metal stamped pendant.

Safety precautions while drilling, I use safety goggles, the safety goggles that I have owned since high school and was used for science laboratory experiments. Yes, that is how good I am in keeping things. I knew it would come in handy someday. I also opt to wear gloves when drilling to protect my hands just in case undesirable situations arises. I really am not a power tool user and am a clumsy one, so I do take these precautionary measures. And very important! pay attention to your piece while drilling. My mind has a tendency to wander off and it just so surprisingly happened while I was drilling my metal! O_O You see that short strip of line running down from the right hole? Yes, it was because of this. So kids, tsk tsk tsk, pay attention. Do not be like me.

Inking time. I took out my black sharpie pen and inked on the depressed letters and wiped off the excess before it dried. In some projects, I sometimes use alcohol on spots that have already dried up and are difficult to wipe off. Using a microfiber cloth, I did a final swoop of polishing on my metal stamped pendant.

We have now reached the final stage, assembling the necklace. A silver-plated chain, jump rings, and lobster lock always do the job. I now have my personalized metal stamped necklace. Teehee.

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  1. Hi! Where do you buy your sheets and how much? And how do you cut them? Thanks! Love your blog, by the way :)

    1. Hi, Mara! Thanks so much; that's so nice of you.

      I bought my metal sheet from one of the stores along Alonzo St. in Quiapo. It's a whole stretch of shops offering the metal sheet products. I got my 4x8 feet aluminum sheet 24g for around 1k.

      I use three tools for cutting my sheet. (1) big metal snips (since this is a big sheet), (2) metal shear, and (3) metal disc cutter (for punching out circles)

      1) metal snips - you can find this at any hardware store
      2) metal shear - check metalstamping_ph on FB, they are offering this product
      3) metal disc cutter - i bought mine from ebay; so far i haven't seen a local supplier selling this tool; this one is quite pricey though.

      Hope this helps! :)