Where to buy Metal Stamps in Manila?

by - February 24, 2015

I shared on my first metal stamping post, METAL STAMPING in Manila, how I got my set of metal stamps. It was quite a challenge sourcing for my tools locally, which was why I ended up purchasing one from ebay.

I found out that there's a growing set of Filipino crafters who are also interested in starting out in this hobby but are faced with the problem of the unavailability of the tools and materials within the Philippines. Not everyone has the means to purchase items from abroad. So in response to people who have been asking me where they can get the tools, I found some online suppliers who are selling metal stamps and are Philippine-based.

I'll also share some tips if you guys decide to get one from ebay, just like I did.

(UPDATE: Thank you to our lovely reader who shared other local online stores carrying metal stamping tools and supplies.)

So here are the Philippine-based online stores that I found to be selling metal stamps:

1. DIY Crafts PH

DIY Crafts PH (formerly Metal Stamping PH) is a distributor of the ImpressArt brand, a premium US-brand metal stamps. These are quite pricey since these are high-quality designer stamps, but are totally lovely.

They offer basic sets (Php1000), regular sets (Php3,500), and premium sets (Php4,400).

They also carry all other metal stamping tools you'll be needing, such as the bench block, brass hammer, and stamping blanks, which will cost you a lot. But if you're after for the convenience and you have the budget, you may go for it since ImpressArt is a really good brand.

2. Heykessy.com

Hey Kessy is an online craft shop that specializes in washi tapes but also carries other arts and crafts materials. I found out that she's carrying economic metal stamps but of one kind only, a gothic uppercase set in 5mm and sells for Php 1,600.

3. Jigs and Clays
[UPDATE 2016: Upon checking, they've already stopped offering metal stamping tools.]

Jigs and Clays carries jewelry-making tools, and yes, they also carry metal stamps, a mix of economy, ImpressArt, and Beadsmith, but they have limited stocks so better place your orders if you have set your eyes on the stamps they have on hand.

4. Purple Nook Clay Shop
[UPDATE 2016: Upon checking, they've already stopped offering metal stamping tools.]

Purple Nook is a craft shop that specializes in polymer clay tools and supplies, but is also carrying metal stamps. They also entertain pre-orders so no need to worry if you do not have that credit card and/or Paypal account for purchasing from abroad.

5. Craft Ship

Craft Ship offers metal stamping tools and brass stamping blanks in circles and bracelet strips.

My 3mm, gothic, uppercase & numbers set, which I bought from a United Kingdom-based ebay supplier.

Economy stamps are good stamps to start with. These are stamps that mostly come from China and Hong Kong suppliers. If you're planning to purchase through ebay, here are some tips to consider:

1. Check for China, Hong Kong (sometimes United Kingdom) -based suppliers. They offer some of the most economical deals.

2. Free international shipping. You will find a number of listings that are offered with free shipping.
3. I recommend starting with a 3mm uppercase set, but this depends on your target projects.
4. Check the feedback/history of the supplier you're planning to purchase the stamps from.
5. Purchase with a Paypal account. Paypal gives you an added security when making purchases online rather than by just simply inputting your credit card number on the checkout page. If you do not have a Paypal account, it is free to sign up for an account. A personal account will do, you may check the Paypal website to learn more. There are also a number of articles across the web on how you can set up a Paypal account.
6. Free international shipping takes time to arrive. It may take up to a month or even longer.
7. For free international shipping, you would most likely claim your package from the postal office near your shipping address. Prepare to pay a postal handling fee of Php 100.00, and also additional custom fees if your purchase reaches a certain amount.

Aside from the metal stamps, you will be needing other basic tools and materials that are listed below to be able to start stamping. I may share another entry discussing some of these.

  • metal stamps
  • stamping blanks (check out Where to buy Metal Stamping Blanks in Manila? for a list of local craft shops selling stamping blanks)
  • bench block
  • hammer (16 oz or heavier)
  • sharpie (or other inking material)
  • polisher/buffer
  • metal puncher

If you guys know other local suppliers of metal stamping tools and supplies, please feel free to share. I would love to get updated as well. Thanks! Teehee. :)

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  1. Hi! Thank you for the info on metal stamping, Your blog was very helpful.. I found a lot of online local resellers on FB selling metal stamps. Though I haven't tried them. JigsandClays, Purple Nook, Shmily. You might wanna try them :)

  2. Thanks again for the mention! Yes, it would be great if you guys can join our pre-order. Prices are lower too during pre-order. We barely keep stocks onhand because of the huge variety of choices.

    We are an accredited distributor for both Beadsmith & Eurotool. For metal stamps, we carry Beadsmith, Eurotool & Impress Art. Plus, so many other beading tools.

    I hope to see everyone at Jigs and Clays. :-)

  3. Hi! My online shop also carries some metal stamps and blanks. Please visit www.OurHappyNest.com. Thank you!

  4. Hello! Thank you for your post! It was really helpful. One question though... where did you buy your polisher?

    1. Hello. You may opt to choose a metal/furniture cloth for polishing (it can be bought in Ace hardware; they have a brand that's colored green). You may also opt for a liquid metal polisher for more tough polishing, again hardwares can be your best friend for these stuff. :)

  5. Hi I'm planning to make some letter/number stamped tags for dogs. Kasi vet ako and magbebenta sana ako. :) Since you've been to Alonzo St. na or Roan do u know if meron cla bone shaped aluminum blanks? Thanks. Sobrang helpful tong post mo. Thanks alot!

    1. hello dear. :) i doubt if they already have pre-cut dog bone shaped blanks there, as big sheets of metal ang nakikita doon. Maybe you can try dn sa quiapo, but so far, i haven't seen a dog bone shaped yet. hope this helps :)

  6. Hi Mam. Is there any store in Quiapo that sells aluminum blanks that are pre cut?

    1. Hi. I have not yet seen one that sells pre-cut aluminum blanks. There is, however, one that sells metal alloy blanks: Chain, Beads & Components.

  7. Where in quiapo/divi can you buy stamping kit? Can you use it with leather?

    1. hello. wala dear. meron sa chain beads & components (quiapo) low quality stamping blanks. but as for stamping kits, you may try DIY Crafts PH over at IG/FB.

  8. Hi! I was wondering where I can get a metal hand puncher?

  9. Hello Quennie. :) You may try DIY Crafts PH if they have available stocks for it, or you may probably also checkout Pick N Grab if they have one.

  10. Hello, this post is really helpful. I'm planning to make crafts for Christmas gifts to fam and friends that involves metal stamping. I wonder saan kaya makakabili ngayon ng blanks and stamps?

    Meron sa Lazada ng steel stamps pero gusto ko sana yung makikita at makakapili ako personally. Thanks!

    1. Hello! Sorry it took this long. You may check DIY crafts ph :)