How to DIY your own stamping blanks (circles)? [Metal stamping in Manila]

by - April 18, 2015

I have shared in my recent post how you can DIY stamping blanks with straight edges, and now let me share with you how I DIY my circle stamping blanks.

Unlike with cutting rectangular stamping blanks, you would have to make a bigger investment for producing your own circles, but the investment is really worth it, which will allow you to save for future projects if you are really planning to make a tremendous amount of stamped pieces, moving forward.

1. Metal sheet

You may refer to my previous post on where you can get metal sheets.

2. Metal disc cutter

A metal disc cutter is your main tool for producing your circle blanks, sliding the metal sheet in between and punching it out. The good thing about this tool is that it will leave one side of the circle bevelled, so there would be little to zero deburring.

I haven't found any supplier of metal discs locally so you may have to purchase it from overseas; I got mine through ebay for around 4-5k plus shipping fee and tax. Yes, it is heavy on the pocket. There are some disc cutters that are cheaper by a few dollars but I like the one I purchased since it has an adjustable handle that makes a big difference when punching out circles. If you will be getting a disc cutter, I suggest you get the one that is adjustable as well rather than the fixed ones. Having an adjustable disc cutter enables you to squeeze your metal in place, so it can work on any gauge of metal sheet that you have. The economical disc cutters will not allow you to do this; thus, you risk your metal sheet to move around when punching, and this may not give an ideal result.

3. Hammer

You definitely need a sturdy hammer to punch out your blanks. Go with 16 oz. or heavier. Do not use your regular jewelry hammers!

4. Oil

You have to oil your disc cutter and punches whenever you are to punch, as this will help in pushing the punches out of the cutter and maintaining your tool in good condition. You may use the all-purpose oil, which is most commonly used on sewing machines. Hardwares and supermarkets have these.

5. Gloves (optional)

It's better to have your hands protected. If you are to get one, choose a pair of gloves that is rubber-coated.

I hope this has been helpful if you're planning to get more serious on your metal stamping craft. Teehee.

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  1. Hi, I am planning to do a special gift for a friend and i am using the mini alluminum sheet she has gave to me, 5 years ago. I want to bring back the glow and shine of that piece. could you give me an idea on how will i polish that thing? Ive been searching youtube and all the available solution is by using buffing tool. How do you do yours? Please help. Thanks a lot.

    1. hello, you may opt to use a metal polisher (in liquid form). These can be bought in hardwares. :)

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi caroline. I got my disc cutter from a US supplier in ebay. Just browse through the listings there and you'll see a number of suppliers offering disc cutters. hope this helps. :)