ImpressArt Newsprint Uppercase – metal stamped washer necklace project (METAL STAMPING IN MANILA)

by - May 04, 2015

A week had passed since my birthday, but I spent my birthday leave just today. I didn't even know that birthday leaves were for real and not some employee-rant-joke until an officemate asked me why I was at work. Oh, checked handbook; it does exist.

So today I decided to spend my day to try out the new ImpressArt Newsprint Uppercase set that I got from MetalStamping_PH (FB)/DIYCRAFTS.PH (instagram).

I was so happy to have received this metal stamp set from them. Before I jumped on this metal stamping hobby, I had been eyeing already the ImpressArt Newsprint font set. It was the ultimate font set that I absolutely would love to have. It was quite pricey though, especially the nickel-plated and premium sets, so I was having a bit of SWOT analysis in terms of getting one for myself. Then recently, MetalStamping_PH started carrying basic stamp sets that were less expensive. This was good news for metal stamping enthusiasts, but I still waited and discerned if it was the right time to get one. I didn't think that pressednotcrushed was in a hurry in introducing a new font face for its product line, so I ended up going with delayed gratification.

Then my birthday week came and I gained a very valuable learning experience. Delayed gratification works best when you let go and let God. The awesome people of MetalStamping_PH sent me the font set that I absolutely had been dying to have, and I even received the package right on my birthday. It's just amazing how God works and how He uses people to be a blessing to others. MetalStamping_PH may not be aware of it, but God indeed utilized them to be a blessing to me, and I am pretty sure as a blessing to others as well.

So now, let us get on the happy part: crafting time!

The first project I created using my new set of metal stamps was a washer necklace. Aside from the metal stamps, MetalStamping_PH also sent me a pair of washer and dog bone aluminum stamping blanks. I did not have a dog so I set it aside for an appropriate project in the future, which left me with the 20 gauge aluminum washer blank.

It was time to think of a phrase to stamp on my washer, and what better words to stamp than words that will exalt my loving God: GOD IS GOOD.

Hammering out my washer to keep it flat using the plastic side of my dual mallet.

Oh look how lovely the Newsprint font pops up on the washer blank.

I took out a string of black waxed cotton cord and cut on the 24" mark. This was what I used for the lace of the necklace since I could not use an ordinary chain anymore for my personal use. I discovered that my skin has some sort of metal allergy, so I had to rest with higher grade metal jewelries such as sterling silver or yellow gold. I currently did not have a stock of sterling silver raw materials (If anyone could share with me where I can source one locally, I would be so grateful!!), so I thought that waxed cotton cord would not give me skin reactions as well (I hope).

I looped the waxed cotton cord through the washer, finished it with coil ends and a lobster lock and my Newsprint washer necklace is done!

MetalStamping_PH carries basic stamps of Newsprint, Bridgette, and Sans-serif font, which sell for Php 900/set, quite economical compared to the normal set that sells for Php 3,150. These will come in a sturdy plastic case. Unlike the regular metal stamps, these are not nickel-plated, so the smell of metal may stick to your hands after using them. No letter marks are imprinted on the side of the stamps as well, but hey, just don't stamp half-asleep and you'd never go wrong on your stamping.

Since the basic stamps are not nickel-plated, here's a tip on how you can better take care of your stamps and prevent them from oxidizing:

(1) Keep them oiled.
(2) Place a pack of silica gel within the case.

In conclusion, I am very happy with this set. I am eyeing to add up more font sets in my inventory, but we will see when is the right time for this. Teehee. :)

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  1. I love this. This is exactly what I want to do with metal stamping. =) Anyway, I'm about to purchase one, so I'm browsing the net for some useful info., and I saw your blog..really helpful, and inspiring. =) keep posting! =)