Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents: Sa Kuko ng Liwanag

by - April 19, 2016

Three years of missing Komikon and now I am back. :D Summer Komikon 2016 held last April 16 at Bayanihan Center brought a bit of nostalgic feeling. I may not be as enthusiastic as before but it was really great seeing familiar comic titles as well as their creators. And the first title I grabbed, which I really could not resist, was Crime-Fighting Call Center Agents by Noel Pascual and AJ Bernardo. I had to grab issues 4-6. I could not leave the halls of Bayanihan Center without having these three issues.

It was also nice to see them in the main hall. It was great seeing creators previously occupying the indieket room now exhibiting in the main area. I have seen quite a few of them.

Issues 4-6 is a trilogy of another comedic, supernatural adventure of the gang, and is entitled Sa Kuko ng Liwanag. It centers on the quest to reverse the kulam on Koontz.

I like CFCCA because it never fails to make me laugh. It has well-thought humorous lines such as the curses thrown by Koontz while being under the spell. Lines such as "Susuntukin ko mga pigsa niyo!", "Iti-trim ko ang mga pilikmata niyo!", "Babatukan ko ang mga kaluluwa niyo!", "Dodrowingan ko ang kilikili mo!", "Duduraan ko ang talampakan mo!", but the best, the one I like the most is this: "Reregaluhan kita ng expired na gift certificates!"

I also noticed that it was Koontz who had some distinct physical changes, well he just basically grew his hair. He had short, clean hairdo in the first issue, grew a bit of hair in their Shake, Rattle & Roll adventure, and now had grown longer hair and spiked it up. And this was consistent with his introduction in issue 1 where he was said to have the power to kill the ozone layer because of his chlorofluorocarbon-induced hairspray.

I mentioned in an earlier entry that Noel has the most heroic acts. He still seems to be the one in this story, though they may be due to unwise decisions, but just look at how badly he ended up in the end. A reliable jerk.

CFCCA is still a very good read for me. :)

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