Workshop Preparations Using ImpressArt / Stamp Enamel vs Sharpie / Bracelet Bending Pliers vs Bracelet Bending Bar (Metal Stamping in Manila)

by - August 24, 2016

I got invited by DIY Crafts PH to hold a workshop for their second year anniversary event this Sunday, and they had me try out some products in preparation for the big day. I got to practice with the Bridgette uppercase font and ink my stamped pieces with stamp enamel.

It’s quite hard to identify the individual characters of the Bridgette font just by looking at the stamps. If you’re planning to get this font, I suggest getting the regular set instead of the basic as the former would have markers on each metal stamp.

Here is a tip if you own a Bridgette basic set: test the stamp first on a scrap blank before stamping it on your project blank, so you can be sure that you’ve picked the right character and will be stamping it in the right direction. This is a great practice, as it will save you from future crying due to wasted blanks.

One of the projects I’ll have the participants work on is a washer necklace, and here’s my version using a brass washer. I chose these words from a famous Christian hymn.

It is well with my soul…Horatio Spafford wrote the lines of this song after a series of tragic events befell on him, and I think the reason it became famous was that he chose to praise the Lord despite everything. I’d like to have an optimistic reminder that whatever trials may arrive, it is well with my soul, and praise the Lord, praise the Lord, oh my soul.

And another reason why I have such a connection with this hymn is because my dad used to sing it. He had a mixed tape of him singing acapella Christian songs and this was one of them...I miss him with this song.

Another project for the kiddos to enjoy is making their own cuff bangles, using two bracelet blanks with different thickness and width, as I’d like to demonstrate two techniques for each.

With the thinner bracelet blank (20 gauge aluminum), I’ll have them use both bracelet bending pliers and bracelet bending bar. Yes, one can form a bracelet using either of the tools, but I’d like to combine the use of both to achieve a better shape. So yes again, here is a tip when working with thinner gauges (even up to 18 gauge), curve first your bracelet blank with the bracelet bending pliers, and then reinforce it with the bracelet bending bar.

(Tip: 24 gauge brass does not form well into a cuff bracelet. If you’d like to use brass, choose a thicker gauge.)

However, with the thicker bracelet blank, we only have the option to use the bending bar, as 14 gauge is seriously thick and quite hard to bend, the pliers won’t be of any help.

I used both sharpie and stamp enamel so I could compare. With the brass washer, I inked “it is well” with the stamp enamel, and “with my soul” with sharpie. I don’t really see much of a difference though.

I did see some clear points for comparison on the aluminum blanks, stamp enamel for the thicker blank and sharpie for the thinner one. My verdict: I think I still prefer using sharpie as I have more control over it and I like the output better.

I chose Jeremiah 29:11 for my thick cuff bracelet.

For God indeed knows the plans He has for me. I may not have a clear picture of it yet, but His promise is clear…His plans are for my prosperity and never for my harm. Hope…His plans are always with hope, and He has prepared a future just for me.

I believe metal stamping is part of my journey. He gave it to me two years ago. I’d like to think of it like a talent from The Parable of the Talents. God entrusted it to me, and I am making it flourish, and sharing my knowledge of the craft with others. So aside from this blog, I’ll be having my first metal stamping workshop this Sunday (thanks to DIY Crafts PH), and will be planning to have more in the future.

“Well done, good and faithful servant,” sounds really good. I hope to receive that when the Master comes. Teehee. J

PS. If you'd like to learn metal stamping as well, you may join one of my workshops. Follow this link to register.

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