Metal Stamping Workshop in Manila with DIY Crafts PH using ImpressArt

by - September 18, 2016

Last August 28, I held my first metal stamping workshop, in collaboration with DIY Crafts PH, at Meeting Plate/Dose Buendia.
DIY Crafts PH were celebrating their second year anniversary, and they tapped me to be their guest crafter for the event.
It was a very meaningful and fulfilling experience. I thank the Lord for this wonderful opportunity to share my craft with other people who have the same passion.

I had been thinking for quite some time the idea of holding a workshop on metal stamping, but aside from lacking the extra tools for the participants, what I was more concerned about was my confidence on myself. Will I be able to pull it off? Can I really do it? Do I have enough expertise to teach others?
You see, I had discovered way back in high school that one of my weaknesses was teaching. I found this out when my classmates were asking me to help explain some math problems, and it was very difficult for me to articulate how the whole solution works. Then, I told myself, ah I hate teaching. I made myself believe throughout these years that teaching and I would not be good friends.
Then earlier this year, I attended a Graphika Manila conference and there’s this powerful tagline that one of the speakers said that made me change my view on teaching.
I studied and learned metal stamping. I owned the craft. Why not teach it?
Then it was just amazing how my God moves. I was still in the state of doubting my abilities when God opened up an opportunity, and there was where He used DIY Crafts PH again. I believe God has been giving me a lot of blessings through them, like when I received my very first ImpressArt Newsprint set right on my birthday last year; Newsprint was my dream font set. And now, He used them again so I could give the whole workshop thing a try, to see for myself if I could indeed pull it off.
And really, sometimes God is really funny. When I found out from Tess how many participants they were looking to have, oh my gosh, I was astounded with the number. An enormous target of at least 15 participants.
Lord, You’re so funny. Go big agad talaga?
And yes, the actual participants on the day were not far from the target; there were 14. But guess what? The event was a success! Yey!

Photo courtesy of DIY Crafts PH

Then it just made me remember that God would not entrust something to us that we would not be able to handle. I was first shocked with the numbers, but He was right; I did it. I was battling with my self-confidence, but here He was teaching me to trust Him for whatever He has prepared for me, that I could do it. I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Hand stamped cuff by one of my students. Teehee.

It was also nice to have some mommies signed up for the workshop. I totally did not expect that, but it was amazing. My students were all mababait, and it was really heartwarming to see that they actually had learned a trick or two from me.
The DIY Crafts PH team was also very nice. It was awesome working with them. And I thank the Lord for continuously using them to bless people like me and others.
And what more can I ask of out of this experience? Ta-da! I got two new ImpressArt font sets! One basic Bridgette Uppercase and a regular Newsprint lowercase set. Oh my gosh again! Another Newsprint set, and a regular set this time, and it’s the lowercase!!
The green one's actually Newsprint and not Bridgette; wrong label XD

You see guys, ever since I started my research on metal stamping two years ago, the ImpressArt Newsprint lowercase regular set was my ultimate ultimate dream font set. I had been doing the delayed gratification on this set for two years now, and oh, it was worth it. God really is amazing on His ways. His timing is always perfect.
So thank you once again to DIY Crafts PH for this wonderful opportunity and to my new lovely metal stamps. And of course, the biggest thanks to my big God.

To God be the glory. Teehee. :)

PS. If you'd like to learn metal stamping as well, you may join one of my workshops. Follow this link to register.

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  1. Wow that's great! I learned some tricks from reading your blog. I wish I was in Philippines to continue this metal stamping hobby. :)

    1. Aww thanks deary :) where are you based right now?

  2. When's the next workshop?